Fixation: The Year's Best Viral Videos

The anchors take a look back at their favorite videos over the last year.
4:42 | 12/31/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Fixation: The Year's Best Viral Videos
Get ready for this him. Years' worth of misbehaving children ill advised fans and the -- then -- the best have a little segment. We call fixation you voted on your favorite video of the year we -- you that one in a minute. But first will look back. Take notice that I fixated all year long we brought you this story the pictures -- the videos that. Caught RI every week -- some really really. -- I'll hear from the craziest trick. Coordinate grabbed the ball -- fact. The death -- done. Well. It's. -- -- due -- darnedest things. -- -- -- -- the wild. The animals with citizen with a little change here isn't some heads they're reassured that god is taking -- you've got into the. We have our very first -- -- Many times noted week -- one of the first groups to -- out. Now welcomed every. And every once in awhile more money with information you're gonna love it it's all happening and -- now. So out of hand the veterans department is -- all the -- yeah. Still -- Saturday -- 2011 coming to a close what we've been fixated on -- well. Had he -- TV he'd be here. OK so we picked our favorite of the year -- as you go first. This must have my favorite aired on October 2 this was a little -- taking in stealing the show away from his big sister Taylor. You can't drill. And it hit and this vote I don't -- -- sister. Doing his son didn't sit back home the next -- -- -- no no let me. And that inspired -- to you know go on the graphic -- -- and probably haven't. Yeah we actually were able as graphically superimposed there is -- -- -- you ever the end -- -- Saturdays part of the show and yet you never may eighth. May -- this weekend. This -- -- had this that's my fixation this is really great this is some trick shots stung by some teenage kids in Ohio. This is -- this I investigated this is for real -- -- that he hit a ball like basketball into the basket with a golf. Iron about a five -- -- believe it wasn't like that. 157 attempts but they also did another triggers a group -- high school kids. Were they -- ball from the top of Ohio State stadium in Columbus, Ohio. Schedule a basket look at that wow and other -- believe that you -- -- yeah pretty beautiful -- -- -- -- here that long but it had funny that they say sends one of my favorites on 1113. At the notorious BIG baby. The baby would not stop crying -- -- little and then that's their first child. Until he heard the -- That is notorious yankees. It's it's nice and -- about it says it works every. I think he works on me every time right well. I mean I'm not this is the first fixation I ever did and here it is it starts legal didn't win the shot -- hind quarter of a cat ended dog's -- comes into the frame it. Just try to get a little kitty cat lover and here -- low level let's look at that hello hello look like eating this is not exactly and you literally turns the energy. No responses to try to get a little affection no let let let them so bad thing I was -- -- -- one of the best uses of slow Mo I've ever seen it. -- those of. All -- great fixation but the most important obviously the -- opinion your opinion home. Tens of thousands of -- weighed in this was a close call right only thirty votes separated the top two winners. And -- Being queen. And doing -- -- -- -- -- -- Was working -- this is -- we. Half a million hits on YouTube -- Well -- always found his parents' story video content can get enough tweet NASDAQ GMA we're gonna have a lot of -- and 22 --

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{"id":15264881,"title":"Fixation: The Year's Best Viral Videos","duration":"4:42","description":"The anchors take a look back at their favorite videos over the last year. ","url":"/GMA/video/fixation-years-best-viral-videos-15264881","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}