Flash Mob Proposal on a Train

Adam King orchestrates elaborate flash mob to propose to his girlfriend.
1:58 | 11/05/11

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Transcript for Flash Mob Proposal on a Train
All we've all seen -- -- before right well we've been so excited to show you this video it's a flash mob that you've got to see because it's pretty special it's in London. And it took a lot of work tends to get -- -- take a look. It started like any community on this crowded London train. -- -- -- -- -- -- Then another. And no loads. Started singing just earlier again. And now you know it's not the. Suddenly they all seem to focus on one person. -- -- -- In the I was just enjoy it Wednesday as an incredible experience of and without any expectation of -- of the pain and related to -- -- Paying. And with the sinking suddenly stopped. Her boyfriend -- -- -- got down on one need. Proposal he planned for months and it almost fell apart that very day. She was he mentioned that all what are we destroyed it's not -- they don't. So I disconnected the battery in my call knowing that I could then fake the content stopping -- that we have to get -- But he -- -- on that train. And he got the answer he won it. -- -- You know they yeah. -- here yes.

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{"id":14887615,"title":"Flash Mob Proposal on a Train","duration":"1:58","description":"Adam King orchestrates elaborate flash mob to propose to his girlfriend. ","url":"/GMA/video/flash-mob-proposal-train-14887615","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}