Flesh-Eating Bacteria Victim Comes Home

Teen endures 17 surgeries in time for homecoming dance
3:00 | 10/14/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Flesh-Eating Bacteria Victim Comes Home
We're going turn now to a story about a tough 16-year-old girl. She, of course, had been rid within the potentially life-threatening flesh-eating bacteria. Now, 17 surgeries later, she's back home. Just in time for her high school's homecoming. Abc's reena ninan is in washington with the story. Good morning to you. Reporter: Good morning to you. Those high school years can be tough. Add to the mix, coping with a flesh-eating bacteria disease. Making it impossible to walk or run. One high schooler refuses to let the disease define her. Hi! Reporter: Giddy. Glowing. And grateful to be alive. ♪ ♪ get funky ♪ Reporter:16-year-old alexis was all smiles on saturday. She prepared for the high school homecoming dance. You look nice. Thank you. She still seems like she's okay and happy to be alive and happy to be able to participate in these things. As a parent, that's awesome. Three, two, one, go, haley! Reporter: Barely two months ago after playing in this lake with her sister, haley, the former soccer player was hospitalized with a rare form of flesh-eating bacteria. I went off a rope swing. When I fell into the water, i hit my leg. IT WAS REALLY BAD. Reporter: She endured surgeries. She celebrated her sweet 16 with new wheels. Every surgery you wait in the waiting room wondering what they found and what would need to be removed or what was still left and was healthy. I lost a lot of use in my leg. But, I haven't lost my leg. Reporter: Though not yet well enough to return full-time, the redhead stopped by school friday long enough to be crowned homecoming princess. It was amazing to be crowned and I'm guessing, since I with been way for so long, they just wanted me to know that I'm still included in the school. I can't explain how much that means to me. Reporter: She was declared a princess this week, but fought hard to be a survivor for life. Alexis will now be constitutered at home, hoping to takes extra classes over the summer to be on track with the rest of her graduating class. She is beautiful.

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{"id":17474617,"title":"Flesh-Eating Bacteria Victim Comes Home","duration":"3:00","description":"Teen endures 17 surgeries in time for homecoming dance","url":"/GMA/video/flesh-eating-bacteria-victim-home-17474617","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}