FlexJobs: Telecommuting Made Easy

Learn the popular trends in the telecommuting market.
5:28 | 02/24/12

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Transcript for FlexJobs: Telecommuting Made Easy
Every plan at Torrey Johnson and is at work. Telecommuting has been called the workplace of the future with the rapidly growing number of Americans working from home. However it can be so hard to weed out those get rich quick scams that cloud the -- -- opportunities. And that's what led Sara -- -- to create flex jobs and she's here to share it that's the latest trends. In telecommuting -- Sarah. Hi Tory thanks so much for hating me absolutely so tell work week kicks off next week promoting the tangible benefits. Of telecommuting tell us what they are. Absolutely -- so many different benefits to telecommuting. To start -- for job seekers and employees. Time savings is probably one of the biggest ones. Everyone associates McNeeley -- so if you can cut out some of your commute either part of the week or all of -- week. That can be one to three hours a day that you get back which can be very profound very life. But -- also smaller elements of of time savings that can really be. Valued by job seekers and employees when your working. Such that as IIDs work for a company where ideal for a cup of coffee in the morning and I have -- afternoon I'd take a little fifteen minute -- deal that. -- to think of the time savings at the time adds up when you're doing Matt. It can be half sorry day which is two and half hours a week which if you -- up every year can be about three weeks. Of time and those are smaller things and if you're telecommuting working from home you can actually had sent down to minute or -- which is is fantastic. Let me ask you as you've been doing this for several years now you have been identifying. Trends and opportunities how. How -- seen the demand change on the side of the companies those companies that are looking for talent to work from home we know that for individuals. There's more demand than ever before are for legitimate work from home opportunities but what are you seeing on the company's side. We -- real -- being in terms the types of companies in industry and in types of roles they're willing to consider. A lot of that had to deal with when -- session began instead of going in hiring a full time. -- -- -- traditionally might have done and they look at alternative arrangements. Such as a part time freely answer or telecommuters. Or looking at ways to see -- money on -- overhead. -- -- Sun Microsystems for example says that they save sixty million dollars a year in allowing their telecommuting program to operate. Alone so there's other benefits. For cost benefits of cost savings for employees -- players. But they're looking in all different areas and she level to executive. And we've seen that companies -- you never expect higher telecommuters looking at that -- and virtual options. So can you give us -- -- a couple of those examples of the kind of positions where you're seeing some of the greatest demand right now for those types of opportunities on the employer side especially talking to someone who is. Very serious about working from home where should they be looking at potential opportunities. -- -- while medical and health have been at the biggest fields traditionally over the last year. Almost every month they've had the highest number of volume for telecommuting and flexible work. Covered this month actually education and training has been very high and is actually beat out medical as the number one spot there's also a lot in administrative. Whether ninety sales kind of ran out the top five. And then there's a Latin human services or research marketing accounting and finance especially right now -- tax time coming. It really runs the Yamon on -- say we have there are fifty different career categories we see everything from. Positions which is remote neurosurgeons which believed or not we have -- Two lawyers -- a lot of more entry level of customer survey -- it really runs the -- And finally we know that time there are more scams and unfortunately and there are legitimate opportunities -- What are just a few of the telltale signs that you know like wild steer clear of next. -- question come and -- in any covered a lot of this in your career it's absolutely important for job seekers to be aware of scams. And we kind of look at -- red flags there's a lot of different country can look at but if there's one red flag -- be aware and do additional research if there's more than one red flag. Consider passing up that opportunity some of those different ideas are at whether there's a company name listed with the job. Some company issues to keep -- anonymous but others are doing it because it would they don't want you know where your sending your information. Similarly if you're responding to an email and there's no -- -- associated with. The company that you're sitting in your application to use such as it's not hot meal -- -- You want to wonder because you don't know who you're sending information tale. Other items such as a lot of marketing. A lot of explanation clients are all caps. Things and job descriptions that really have no skills listed in the minutes -- marketing information as if they're trying to capture every one and not necessarily just weed out -- candidates for specific job. Those are all concerns. On and if a judge Souter does have a concern an easy tip is to Google the company name. And the word scam and just -- comes up it's you know. Take it with a grain of salt but it's kind of looking to see if there's any conversation out there about that company being -- and legitimate.

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