Final Words of Missing Jet Pilots Clarified

Search continues as the air traffic control transcripts from Flight 370 are released.
3:00 | 04/01/14

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Transcript for Final Words of Missing Jet Pilots Clarified
The air traffic control transcripts just released and ABC's David Kerley is tracking all the new details. Good morning. Reporter: Good morning, George. Even more vessels in the search area this morning, still no wreckage. How little we know was highlighted by the head of this new search command as we finally more than three weeks later have the actual cockpit communication before 370 disappeared. As the search resumes this morning over then hundreds of square miles of ocean our look at the what the pilots said. It was the red-eye from Kuala Lumpur to beijing. At 12:40 in the morning, the jetliner is ready to go. From airport controllers, cle cleared to for cakeoff. Cleared for takeoff mas370. Thank you, bye. Once in the air the pilots are ready to connect with air traffic controllers. Malaysian 370 is the call, controllers respond, Malaysian 370, Lumpur radar, good morning. Climb flight level 250 and then to handoff to the next radar station. After that critical communication systems are shut down, the jet starts flying back over Malaysia, makes more turns and heads south over the vast Indian ocean. The man now heading the search highlighted what a daughtering task this is saying we are working with just fragments of facts. We don't know what altitude the aircraft was traveling at. We don't really know what speed it was going at. Reporter: Without debris it's nearly impossible to deploy those pinger listening devices with the batteries now running low on the pingers. Without more clues we heard one of the more pessimistic assessments of what is ahead for this mystery. I think if we don't find wreckage on the surface we are eventually going to have to probably in consultation with everybody who has a stake in this review what we do next. Reporter: What does that mean? Is there the will and the money to search such a huge area methodically and slowly with sonar and, George, they're not even sure this is the right area. Oh, my goodness. Okay, David, thanks very much. More now from aviation consultant Stephen ganyard. Let's talk about the transcripts first, not a lot surprising there. No, it's not surprising, George. These seemed like very Normal air traffic control transcripts. I didn't see anything out of the usual. I think what does disturb me that it took so long to get this just basic fact out there. Yesterday we also learned that it was three days last week that these international bodies were working in separate ideas on where this new search area is, so we continue to see examples of poor coordination by the Malaysians, poor conduct of this investigation. It's really disheartening. The question is, is it just incompetence or more at play here? You know, that's a real question. Remember that Malaysian airlines is an airline that is owned by the government and so there's a conflict of interest here. The government is investigating itself and this is a government that plays political hardball domestically on a regular basis so there's a question that needs to be asked. Is this really just incompetence or political domestic skulduggery going on. More signs we may never know what happened. Yeah, the time is clicking and you heard general Houston say that time is running out. The U.S. Navy yesterday warned us and said, look, this pinger locator we have, it only works within a mile, so if you look at that search area that David just pointed out, a mile. We have so much to cover that we just have to keep this in mind and manage our expectations of ever finding anything. Okay, Steve ganyard, thanks very much.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Search continues as the air traffic control transcripts from Flight 370 are released.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23139229","title":"Final Words of Missing Jet Pilots Clarified","url":"/GMA/video/flight-370-transcripts-released-search-continues-23139229"}