Convicts Accidently Freed Caught Waiting for a Ride

A tip helped police catch convicted murderers who forged documents to escape from prison.
2:24 | 10/21/13

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Transcript for Convicts Accidently Freed Caught Waiting for a Ride
Now to the latest on the brazen prison break in florida. The two escaped convicts back behind bars this morning. Now police say they're closing in on those who helped them break out. Steve osunsami is in panama city, florida, outside the motel where they were captured. Reporter: Good morning, robin. Those men could be headed back to prison any day now. Police are saying anyone that helped them get this far needs to be nervous. Because their investigation doesn't stop here. Oh, my gosh. Reporter: This was the takedown. Witnesses recording police surrounding the room of the two fugitives who conned their way out of jail. Police ready for a fight with their guns drawn. The tip that led police to this motel came from someone the men new. Police said they arrived just in time. The pair was waiting for a ride out of town. It was being dispatched from atlanta. Who was the driver or where the driver would take them we do not know. We'll be backtracking to those who helped carry out this fraud and we'll be looking closely at anyone who may have helped harbor these fugitives. Reporter:34-year-olds charles walker and joe jenkins were boast serving sentences for life without parole for murder. This is your first appearance. Reporter: They appeared in this florida court sunday, each charged with one count of escape. There's been a request that you be held without bond. Reporter: This morning, they're under intense questioning. Police investigating whether they or a friend of theirs paid for these documents. There is speculation that these documents could be construc constructed for $8,000. Authorities are not saying exactly who helped but have ruled out family members who they say were duped, like everyone else. The two men have a court appearance frind here in this county if they're still being held in the local jail. Robin? All right, steve, thank you very much. Someone was able to cut and paste the judge's signature on the release forms. Could be a lot more arrests comi

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{"id":20631559,"title":"Convicts Accidently Freed Caught Waiting for a Ride","duration":"2:24","description":"A tip helped police catch convicted murderers who forged documents to escape from prison.","url":"/GMA/video/florida-convicts-accidently-freed-caught-waiting-ride-20631559","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}