Florida Doctor, Wife Gunned Down in Mansion

Police believe suspect might have had edge in getting past elaborate security.
2:25 | 01/11/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Florida Doctor, Wife Gunned Down in Mansion
With a shocking murder of a Florida doctor and his wife gunned down at their large mansion inside a gated community. Police have now arrested a suspect may have had an edge getting past that elaborate security and ABC -- -- has the latest from Tampa good morning. Good morning George this crime is shocking -- husband shot dead in his front yard his wife dead inside the house. All -- this gated community one of the most affluent in Tampa. Police say his personal assistant shot them both to cover up another crime. Overnight Tampa police arrested 31 year old Julian florists who they say brutally murdered his employers. -- and Deborah Rivera. There was no question that. His intent was meant to make sure that nobody survived this attack. On Monday evening just after 8 o'clock police found the 76 year old doctor dead on his front lawn. He's 55 year old wife was found shot in the bathroom. Police say Flores was at the scene in claimed an intruder killed the couple. But detectives say they found a gun -- registered in his name hit it in the house along with ammunition matching the murder weapon. Investigators say Deborah Rivera's personal assistant had a rocky relationship with his boss. -- had become distrustful of him that information we have. She had reported the theft of the week -- -- before at her residence. Police say -- was killed first alone at home her husband was shot in front of their million dollar mansion after watching football at a neighbor's house. It all happened in one of Tampa's most affluent gated communities sports stars Derek Jeter Tony Dungy and -- personnel have all called awful -- home. Friends are stunned most generous Cary. Giving people you could possibly -- the -- it's a tragic philosophy. Doctor Rivera was retired his wife Deborah love crafts and sold jewelry and handbags from home often donating her goods to charity. Her volunteering her contributions wasn't what she did. It was -- And -- -- is charged with two counts of first degree murder he is not cooperating with police. The Rivera's leave behind several grown children that they are obviously devastated but say they are somewhat relieved that an arrest was made so quickly --

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{"id":15337618,"title":"Florida Doctor, Wife Gunned Down in Mansion","duration":"2:25","description":"Police believe suspect might have had edge in getting past elaborate security.","url":"/GMA/video/florida-doctor-wife-gunned-mansion-15337618","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}