Florida Family Claims Samsung Galaxy Note7 Phone Set Their Jeep Ablaze

The "GMA" team of insiders analyze some of the biggest stories of the day.
7:02 | 09/09/16

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Transcript for Florida Family Claims Samsung Galaxy Note7 Phone Set Their Jeep Ablaze
It is time for football and it's time for our big board. Our team of insiders standing by live for more on this morning's top stories. Dr. Richard Besser, good to have you back with us this half hour. His story is coming up but first let's start with that smartphone warning. A Florida man's jeep engulfed in flames after he claims his Samsung galaxy note 7 exploded just days after the tech giant issued a worldwide recall of the phone. Samsung says they're investigating the incident, ABC's Steve ganyard joins us, Steve, I want to read you something here. The federal aviation administration strongly advises passengers not to turn on or charge these devices on board aircraft and not to stow them in any checked baggage. And, Steve, people want to know should they be allowed on the planes at all? I think it's going to be kind of hard to ban lithium ion batteries. We always want things that last longer and want things that are smaller so you rely on lithium ion batteries so hard to say you can't bring them on airplanes. I think what the FAA does need to do, go back and look at the regulations on consumer lithium ion batteries and see if the safety standards but I think Samsung, you know, they took a huge financial hit here and took a representational hit so I'm sure they'll spend a lot more time and effort to make sure their batteries are safe. Steve, it's one O these on a plane and if it does explode what potentially could happen aboard an an airliner? They have the potential to bring a plane down and a fire in the cockpit or cabin is a pilot's worst nightmare. We've seen two 747s be brought down by lithium ion cargo holds. You could have one in the cabin as well. Some drop their cells in the seat, recline, crush the cell phone which also starts a fire so you think about these, these could be serious but considering how much we relire on them for everything we do in our daily life I don't think they'll go away any time soon. Just to hear you say, Steve. I know, they can bring them down like that. Scares everybody and now to -- thank you. Now to a major report on the potentially life-saving drugs as statins. Millions take daily criticized for certain side effects but now a new report says those risks have been dangerously exaggerated and Dr. Besser, you're here to talk to us about that. There are a lot of controversy around the statins so what does this report say? Are they safe? Well, you know, it's clear that statins can bring down cholesterol and reduce the chance someone will have a heart attack. Some of the concerns are that in some people statins can increase the chance that they have diabetes, have muscle damage and foggy thinking so this report, they reviewed all the studies that have been done on statins and what they conclude, the side effects are overblown. They can occur very rarely but the benefits far outweigh that in terms of preventing heart attacks and a lot of people who could benefit from these who aren't taking them. How do you know if you should be taking them? Clearly anyone who has had a heart attack who had heart disease, it's one group that's recommended. Anyone at risk of high risk of heart disease. As you get older you're at higher risk, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, overweight, smoke, those are the people who are at risk. With any drug you're taking if you think you're having a side effect don't ignore that but don't just stop taking your drug. Talk to your doctor and work it out. A lot say I don't like it. I'm just going to stop and that's risky to do. Exactly. Thank you. Now to former heisman trophy winner Tim Tebow once a New York jet now a New York met. Has a little ring to it. Can't seem to get him out of New York. The organization announcing on Twitter that they've signed the former qb to a minor league contract. Joining us is the man who knows a thing or two about playing pro ball and football and excelling in both baseball and football. Our good friend, deion "Primetime" sanders. Good to see you, deion. So -- Good to see you, beautiful. I love you to life. Look at that. You give me life. So talk about Tim here a little bit. What do you think his chances are? Well, I love it. Let's not make the big idea of his age because there's often a lot of 30-year-old, 35-year-olds minor league ball players still trying to live out their dream and I like Tim Tebow. I like what he stands for and I really can't get over the fact that he's not on an NFL football team. Maybe not quarterback, Mr. Strahan, I understand, but have you seen him lately? I'm sure he could play strong safety or outside linebacker but in the sport of baseball I'm all for Tim Tebow and if anybody can do it, he can and we should allow everyone to dream in this wonderful country that we live in. I agree 100% but you said not quarterback. He had a chance of playing another position. He said, no, I'm a quarterback so that was his decision. But one thing, we've seen a lot of athletes -- He didn't know he would be all the way off the team. Yeah, maybe he would have relented. We sent a lot of athletes -- you made the transition, Bo Jackson. Remember Brian Jordan made the transition but then Michael Jordan tried to play for the Chicago white sox. That didn't work out so well. How difficult is it, that's my question. It looks easy. We'll say you're a great athlete. Can do it in another easily. How easy is it? Well, see, you are saying the word transition and it's really not that. Michael Jordan made a transition. Brian Jordan, myself and Bo Jackson, that's what we did throughout our whole childhood and just so happens when we get to a certain age as an adult, people start saying, what we can't do and that's the only life we knew. Now Michael Jordan was dealing with something personally and he just wanted to escape the game of basketball and live out a dream playing baseball and that's what he did. Tim Tebow wants to be successful in sports. No matter what it is and I think he's found something that he feel like he can do. Now, baseball is tremendously tough. You're trying to hit a 90 some-mile-an-hour baseball that curve, break, slides, does everything and you can fail seven out of ten times and still remain to be a superstar. I like his chances. I'm betting on this kid. I love him personally and I think if anybody can do it, he can. He's going to put the work in. He's going to put the effort in, and he's not going to quit. Tell you what -- We're with you there. He played for the braves. I know you're a big braves fan. I'm a big deion fan and braves fan. Terrific watching you and hear you talk. We love you primetime. Thanks to deion "Primetime" sanders, Steve, thank you and Dr. Besser, thank you. That wraps up our big board. See him on NFL's "Game day prime." You do a little something on Sundays. Fox. He's called my competition.

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{"duration":"7:02","description":"The \"GMA\" team of insiders analyze some of the biggest stories of the day.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"41971702","title":"Florida Family Claims Samsung Galaxy Note7 Phone Set Their Jeep Ablaze","url":"/GMA/video/florida-family-claims-samsung-galaxy-note7-phone-set-41971702"}