Florida Firefighter Disappears

Police now questioning a couple in connection with his disappearance.
2:41 | 02/25/12

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Transcript for Florida Firefighter Disappears
Mystery this morning is baffling investigators in Florida all the way up to me. The question what happened that this fire -- he's a husband and a father and he simply vanished into thin air while visiting some friends up in New England. And this morning a new twist why do police want to talk to this couple and why have they been acting so mysteriously themselves. ABC's -- Rivera is here -- details this morning good morning Q good morning again very strange case Jerry -- was -- -- right now is deeply felt in his Florida firefighting and fire house. Two of his fellow firefighters have flown to Maine to help search for the former marine. About forty more are prepared to join in the police give them -- non. While her mother speaks out in -- defense he's not proven guilty -- -- -- Adding to the mystery even more strange behavior from the couple they reportedly bought a used car and abandoned the one they were driving. Saying only that they had to leave town because of an emergency yet another tantalizing clue in a case with so many open questions. And the mystery now involves yet another Maine woman who claims to know for -- -- she told a local TV station. He was staying with her the night he went out and never return.

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{"id":15789569,"title":"Florida Firefighter Disappears","duration":"2:41","description":"Police now questioning a couple in connection with his disappearance. ","url":"/GMA/video/florida-firefighter-vanishes-thin-air-15789569","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}