School Bus Driver Texts, Swerves: Caught on Tape

Florida woman is suspended after an eighth grader taped her using her phone with a bus full of kids.
2:10 | 09/20/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for School Bus Driver Texts, Swerves: Caught on Tape
If any of you need anymore evidence that texting and driving don't mix, look at this. A bus driver with one hand on the wheel, another on her phone, causing the huge vehicle to swerve all over the road. It was all caught on camera. Abc's matt gutman has the story. Reporter: This florida school bus driver is suspended this morning after allegedly being caught with one hand on the wheel. And two eyes on her phone. Watch as the hillsboro county driver, steers this bus, apparently tapping on her smartphone. But the sleuth in this case, the eighth grade daughter who shot the video friday. She showed me the video, i couldn't believe it. Reporter: The 14-year-old said she was trying to catch her driving. The scary part is, see how quickly she grabbed the wheel? Reporter: The school district called it a violation of policy, adding, clearly, the driver is looking at her cell phone. That's a dangerous distraction for any driver. But the potential danger is greater when you have a bus full of children. Almost one-quarter of all accidents are now believed to be caused by drivers on phones, apparently smarter than they are. This one was texting when he slammed into a line of cars in texas. And this bus driver in florida last year, apparently also busted while he texted. Watch his hand spelling instead of steering. Mayors are rallying for tougher laws. It's up to us as individuals and cities and as a nation, to put an end to this social epidemic. Reporter: As for silva, she's still concerned. Not only are they going to kill a driver, they're going to kill the children on that bus. Reporter: Florida's new law banning while texting while driving. Won't apply to the driver of her daughter's bus. It doesn't take effect for another week and a half. For "good morning america," matt gutman, abc news, miami. The official there said it right. Social epidemic. It happens all the time. But it has to stop. I used to drive a school bus. It's all you can do to maintain your focus. I couldn't imagine trying to text at the same time.

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{"id":20315903,"title":"School Bus Driver Texts, Swerves: Caught on Tape","duration":"2:10","description":"Florida woman is suspended after an eighth grader taped her using her phone with a bus full of kids.","url":"/GMA/video/florida-school-bus-driver-texts-swerves-caught-tape-20315903","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}