Florida Teen Killed by Community-Watch Member

Emergency 911 tapes raise questions about why the shooter hasn't been charged.
3:08 | 03/19/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Florida Teen Killed by Community-Watch Member
Growing nationwide outrage over the shooting death of -- on armed Florida teens shot and killed. By community watch member after enormous public outcry police released a 911 tapes this weekend. The states raising new questions about their tragic night and why the shooter has not been charged ABC's Matt Gutman is in Miami with the latest on all this good morning there. Hey good morning Robin we've been following this story for a few weeks now and we're starting to get a clear picture from those 911 tapes. From eyewitness testimony of what really happened that night that trade -- Martin was shot dead. Simply for looking suspicious in a case that local law enforcement first but with so it's significant. And now the FBI and the attorney general are monitoring. Yeah. But it didn't -- until. A brief scuffle a single gunshot. He life extinguished and a family in English -- -- -- just seventeen. Killed because he looked suspicious to a neighborhood watchman George Zimmermann. ABC news is learning new details in the shooting death of the -- armed black teen -- for Florida. It's triggering national outrage there. Growing anger over the killing of the Florida teenager that case now generating outrage across this country they said George Zimmermann should have been arrested on manslaughter charges. Fueling the -- Diggnation. Allegations of police -- steps in the investigation. Including dismissing eyewitnesses accounts failing to fully investigate the shooters background. And the apparent immediate acceptance of government's claim of self defense. He has been charged with no crime. Okay. These newly released 911 tapes from seven terrified eyewitnesses seemed to tell a different story that Zimmerman was the aggressor. The red -- right in the back of my porch. -- -- -- -- -- ABC news has learned Zimmerman called police fifty times over the past year. Mostly false alarms that night he calls them again. This guy looks like he -- no good editor is on drugs -- home. Even though Morton had nothing in his system and nothing on him except a pack of Skittles at an ice -- and in fact law enforcement analysts tell ABC news. It was Zimmerman who sounded intoxicated. And they always get a word to worry about what can India WWW. Does anyway I'm pretty sure indicted. -- out here all. Screams -- but not attended to. A single gunshot killed Maarten police arrived within sixty seconds of that gunshot but it was too late. Do you think they've traded on -- would have been the same. I didn't like. I don't think he -- -- -- follow if you was a white kid. Now -- for over a week we've been trying to reach out to mr. Zimmerman he has not responded -- Stanley says that he's not a racist that he acted in self defense that hasn't stopped the outrage online a single petition. Calling for his arrest has 400000. Signatures Robin all right Matt thank you.

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{"id":15952344,"title":"Florida Teen Killed by Community-Watch Member","duration":"3:08","description":"Emergency 911 tapes raise questions about why the shooter hasn't been charged.","url":"/GMA/video/florida-teen-killed-community-watch-member-15952344","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}