Florida Teen Admits to Being a Fake Physician During Interrogation

Matthew Scheidt is accused of posing as a medical professional at a hospital.
3:00 | 08/09/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Florida Teen Admits to Being a Fake Physician During Interrogation
Let's get to that teenage con man out of florida. Matt gutman is in miami with more of the shocking interrogation tapes. Reporter: Good morning, george. At first, you see him trying to defend himself in that tape. But after three hours of interrogation, police break him down. Finally, he tells them how easily it was to pose as a medical professional, roaming the halls. Treating patients in critical condition. Police say impersonating a doctor and a cop. But when the 17-year-old finally got caught -- matthew, did you treat patients? Reporter: He talked. Telling interrogators he even administered cpr on a patient who overdosed after the real doctor left the room. That's when he said, can you take over cpr? I started doing cpr on her for a minute, or two minutes, while he went out and got the medications. I felt so uncomfortable. The reason I did it is because there's nobody else in there. Reporter: He has no medical training, and was arrested in september for allegedly mask raiding as a physician's assistant. And in this tape, obtained by abc station wftb, he blames it on the hospital. Their error was putting me apparently in as a physician's assistant, in their computer. Let's just say I'm a physician's assistant. Are you that stupid that you're going to put me in the computer without credentials or paperwork or nothing? Reporter: His job wasn't at the hospital, but as a clerk across the street. It causes family members to shake their heads. He ain't right upstairs. He needs psychiatric help. Reporter: That could explain why three months later, he was busted again. Rolling down miami beach, in what looks like a police cruiser. He even got as far as stopping other drivers to tell them to put their seat belts on. Until undercover cops arrested him. After hours of questioning over the incident at the hospital, he became contrite. His attorneys tell us they're going to try to keep jurors away from that video. So much is at stake here, amy. If convicted, he could face over 25 years in prison. Amy? What a strange story. Thanks so much, matt.

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{"id":16965838,"title":"Florida Teen Admits to Being a Fake Physician During Interrogation","duration":"3:00","description":"Matthew Scheidt is accused of posing as a medical professional at a hospital.","url":"/GMA/video/florida-teen-matthew-scheidt-admits-fake-physician-interrogation-16965838","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}