Florida Teen Shot: Why Isn't Shooter in Jail?

Dan Abrams discusses the case of a teen killed by a community-watch member.
2:29 | 03/19/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Florida Teen Shot: Why Isn't Shooter in Jail?
Dan Abrams -- I know you have the following this very closely. What are the major issues here Dan -- separate the facts from the law first on the facts the most troubling fact. It's four Zimmerman far he specifically told not to get out of the car by the police on and on one call. He gets out anyway he makes that comment you heard on the 911 call they always get away today right unclear what he means but it's not helpful. To his case. Allegations the police are putting words in people's announced and the fact that of course trade -- was unarmed. The difficulty here. He's Florida law and that's what the prosecutors had been relying on because in Florida they have a law called stand your ground law in most states. You required to retreat. If someone comes after you have the right to shoot someone on the street if you feel that you're in danger in Florida you do have. That right and so that's what the prosecutors have been relying on thus -- but. You just sent in leading up to it he got out of his car he -- Zimmerman he was. Admitted that he was following him when the nine a woman operators are in follow them yes he is the -- so how can you claim self defense. When you are the aggressor it's a good question and the question ultimately is going to be who was the aggressor at the moment that it occurred let's let's take a hypothetical situation right and nothing to indicate this is what happened. But hypothetically let's say Zimmerman gets out of his car. He follows trade -- trade -- turns around and it wants to know who's following and gets aggressive with him. And they get into a scuffle right. Under that scenario. He might be able to claim self defense now there's nothing to indicate those were the actual. Facts and that's what people are getting -- -- -- book. But we don't know the -- how can it be just dismissed so easily and so quickly witnesses say. That indeed they were interviewed there they were short they were hasty by the police and people of the major -- not Justin Zimmerman but that the police and how it. Handle this isn't this is not over OK let's be clear this is not just in the state authorities now happens the feds are looking into it. I think it's very clear that this is a very -- Active open investigation. And they're gonna want to know exactly. What happened no one from hero and it's just gonna accept Zimmerman account right so -- would keep a very close side. On this case and -- raised his parents especially true about Martin's -- and -- -- I just want to know what I understand why they're so if you're behind it he's completely -- holdings kittles and iced -- antique and he sentence ends up getting shot dead the structure had -- Dan thank you -- very much.

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{"id":15952462,"title":"Florida Teen Shot: Why Isn't Shooter in Jail?","duration":"2:29","description":"Dan Abrams discusses the case of a teen killed by a community-watch member.","url":"/GMA/video/florida-teen-shot-community-watch-shooter-jail-15952462","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}