A Look at What Foods Americans Google the Most

Google has revealed the most-searched foods on the internet, plus a new musical from Dwayne Johnson and Lin-Manuel Miranda.
8:31 | 12/01/16

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Transcript for A Look at What Foods Americans Google the Most
You guys are wonderful. A wonderful festive audience with us here. Always fun. I'm looking. George, this is for you. This is festive as well. What's underneath these domes is something we talk about all the time googling. Is it food? Is it food. It's going to be food. I Google recipes all the time. You do? Absolutely. A lot of people do. Little known fact. Little known also fact, Google tracks everything you do. So they know what everybody is googling on and Google news lab teamed up for this graphic design team truth and beauty to display this. What topped the list of goods and recipes that people Google. What do you think? Quinoa. Quinoa? Wait a second. Quinoa. You know, that's those new millennials. Have you been coached? You all say quinoa spontaneously. I'm not buying it. You know what the real answer is -- I got it, George. There it is, pizza. Whoa, whoa. That's number one. That's number one. Pizza. Number two. Number two is -- Pancakes. Now, I wonder why -- pizza I get. Pancakes. You don't know how to make pancakes. Or also googling where to find -- Where to find pizza. I think pizza makes a lot of sense. Delivery in in. Also going out to breakfast, big fluffy pancakes. I love banana pancares. That gives us number three. Banana bread. Banana bread? I'm here for you. I tell you right now I think it's wrong. Quinoa has to be somewhere here, George. Quinoa. We're asking all of our Facebook and Twitter followers to weigh in, as well. What's leading now, guys? Our live survey? Survey says -- Pizza is in the lead. Pancakes -- Quinoa. Who is googling quinoa? I don't get that one either but the people have spoken. Yes, they have. And now I'm really hungry after doing that segment. I'll pass on that for now and wait till I get heated up later. Here's what I'm bringing to the table. We all love the rock. You know, everybody loves Dwayne "The rock" Johnson. And the man works extremely hard and you say how can he add anything else to his plate? Well now you can add musical to the list of things that he's doing. He's teamed up with lin-manuel Miranda to present a musical called "Millennials: The musical." Take a look. I think I lost my phone. My life is over. Is that so important. Yes, jack. If I don't post a selfie within an hour I might lose a follower. Selfie. What is that? Seriously? You don't know? ??? Well Facebook Instagram tinder Snapchat or bumble live me okcupid ??? ??? jack you're the least knowledgeable person I know how do you get a take-out ??? ??? I'll help you find your phone ??? ??? to your millennial life ??? So is he producing? They both producing this play and it's about -- sfwlrs a satire but it's a meaning behind it. Message behind it. Brooklynite named crystal who use her phone for everything. Class, bumble but loses her phone and has to connect with her neighbor who they go in search of this phone but it teaches you that, you know, you've had to live your life without those restraints and call it the millennial "Grease!" Is this really coming to -- Yes. It really is? Yes. I thought it was like a joke. It's a real -- there's a musical about selfies? It's a real thing. I mean I do agree it is a very hot topic. Is this the rock? I'll take two tickets. Thank you. Tell you if you know lin-manuel Miranda, it's going to be -- A huge hit. It's going to be quick, witty and he and the rock did motion picture arts and sciences "Moana" together. Have you taken the girls yet? Not yet. We laughed. A little bit of everything. But speaking of sweet little girls have you all seen the Mcclure girls? They are adorable. 3 years old taking the internet by storm because they're identical twins and their lovely mom interviews them and here's a little bit of what you see online about them. She's just one minute older. One minute older. I'm just one minute older. Ah. She's trying to give you a hug, Lexi. Trying to make you feel better. I wanna grow. Look at her face, ava. Does she look like your face. Yes. That means you're twins. Who is your best friend? My sister. Who is your best friend, Lexi? Ava. Ava. Why is she your best friend. I like her. Because you like her. Yes. Yay. Ah. Does that bring back memories of your little girls when -- Memories because they're not like that anymore in you know who is here, ava and Alexis just happen to be here. Hey. Alexis, mom, Ami and dad Justin. Can you give me tips on how to interview the girls. Repeat yourself over and over. Over and over. Do you have fun? Do you like doing the videos. Yes. What's your favorite part about doing it? What's the most fun with doing these videos that everybody gets to see? What do you like most about it? Once about -- Can you translate. What do you like pose about sitting down and talking on the video? I like -- Is it talking to momma or being with your sister? Being with my sister. Ah. I see what you do there. Leading question. I got that. I'm hoping she'd say momma. They are 3 years old. How did you come up with this idea? It was more because at home they run around frantic. They always have funny things to say and I'm like do we think they are funny or are they funny little girls so we started just talking and recording things that we talk about in the house already and just seemed to work. That's pink. It's pink. Do you like pink? Not blue. And blue. All the different colors, yeah. That's blue. So I know that the -- And -- The burning question, what do you want to be when you grow up? What is it you want to do? Do you want to be a doctor, do you want to be a nurse, a teacher. Did you say athlete. Princess. Thank you. Princess? No, no, no. What do you want to do? What do you want to be? I want to be -- You want to be me? Okay. Who do they most take after, Justin. I would say the absurdity and obnoxiousness me, because I'm annoying. Probably the emotional and the sweetness is her. Well, that is beautiful. They love jewelry. I can see that. She does. She's very, very girlie. You're going to have your hands full. Thank you all. Thank you. Wonderful watching in on you two and seeing how you can just tell they just love to bring joy to everyone so thank you, ava, Alexis. Thank you very much. Ava, Alexis. Ami, Justin. Thank you, thank you so much.

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{"duration":"8:31","description":"Google has revealed the most-searched foods on the internet, plus a new musical from Dwayne Johnson and Lin-Manuel Miranda.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"43888220","title":"A Look at What Foods Americans Google the Most","url":"/GMA/video/foods-americans-google-43888220"}