Football team surprised by Michael Strahan, Deion Sanders after Harvey ravages high school

Head coach Derek Fitzhenry and his players received a surprise visit and a gift from the two former NFL stars after Hurricane Harvey damaged C.E. King High School in northeast Houston.
6:43 | 09/05/17

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Transcript for Football team surprised by Michael Strahan, Deion Sanders after Harvey ravages high school
Let's get it back to Houston where Michael is at a very special high school and, boy, that football team, they're all banding together, aren't they, Michael? Oh, yes, they are banding together, robin. Very special high school. Very special students, all gathered in around me right now and, you know, so many stories as I said earlier about survival and resilience and so many of these kis did just that. I had a chance to meet quite a few of them and I'm sure you're going to love them as much as I did. For C.E. King high school not far from where I played in high school, hurricane Harvey's deluge has the school and its football team in crisis. It's easy to flood in my neighborhood. I just never seen the water that high. Like it was very scary. Reporter: Throughout the storm the principal and football coach relayed frantic messages from the students to rescuers. The water was to my -- right here. Reporter: Fearing for their lives, students terrified looked out for their loved ones. I had to carry my little niece on my shoulder because she is 1 year old. She was holding me so tight and I I was holding her so tight. Reporter: He's still shaken after rescuing his young brother and sister. I just told them it's going to be okay and I got through. And I just remember just looking at my dogs and just terrified because they had no idea what was going on and it was so scary and terrifying, I've never been so terrified in my life. Reporter: But they all made it to safety. Actually I was not scared getting in the helicopter. It was actually fun to ride for me, but it was a serious surreal moment. Reporter: As the students and families continue to recover, I thought I'd pay the panthers a visit, their first team meeting. I was a Texas kid, Houston kid playing football just like you. Y'all going through some tough stuff right now and we're here and I'm here to support you. I'm here to help you. I'm here to just be here for you and let you know you are not forgotten. You will never be forgotten. We have a good team. A strong team. We don't have a lot of numbers but we do have a lot of heart. How's it been for you to go through this? How are you going to respond to adversity. This is a great life lesson. For me it's been inspirational and we're not going to lay down and let this hurricane take away our season. It's a lot of love in this school. Our community is very strong. Reporter: Before I leave, one last cheer. Family on three. It's all love. It's all love. And I am here now with coach fit seem, the head coach at C.E. King high school, head football coach. We saw the stories there. So much devastation here but your students, your athletes, everybody is coming together and how proud are you that these students have come together to help clean up the school and do all the things they're doing. Very inspired by what they've shown and how close they've shown what a great family we have here and this is it what we are about. We're about this school and about a family. And you're the head football coach here. You know these kids better than anyone. Are you surprised in any way by the way they've reacted. No, I think just from being here since February, I've seen this family atmosphere we have here, but it's really community oriented and I think that there was a lot of adversity but I think they really love this school and they are ready to get back. Love this school and ready to get back. Yesterday I came out, I was a surprise to you, right, so I decided I want to do something for you and I have a guy, he's like my brother, one of my great friends and you may know him as primetime deion Sanders. So deion is here. And he has a message. He has a message for you guys, coach. What's up? Night to see you. How you doing? How you doing? How you doing, deion in how you doing, sir. Good to see you. Hey, pastor, how are you doing. Also. So, deion, so deion decided he's going to drive here from Dallas this morning. Just so he can be here with us at C.E. King high school and he has something he wants to share with you. Kevin plank with under Armour committed to ensuring that you have a wonderful season and you're outfitted as well so we're really going to bless you. You have been through a lot. I really appreciate it. That's going to be awesome for the kids. They'll make sure that they outfit your team here to make sure that you guys look as good as you should out there when you're competing and playing. That's awesome. That's awesome. Deion, you're an adopted Texas boy in yes. How does it feel for you to see all these young athletes come together to see what they've done in first of all, this is crazy. I've seen the pictures so to understand what has really transpired not until you come here and see it the gym floor, buckled like a roller coaster in there is unbelievable. I don't know -- rip that all up and do that all over but things like this adversity like this brings people together. That's right. Ethnicity and social status, everybody comes together, even in Dallas some people that have migrated from Houston to Dallas at our private school, we're giving away ten free scholarships so they can continue education because as of right now people don't know when they're going back to school or play ball again and these kids need to be involved. Enormous. Right. Something to draw everybody together. I appreciate it, man. This is a surprise to you. Oh, yeah. You look like you're about to tear up. We got you. Pastor, got to thank you guys. I'm serious, man. Appreciate it. We got to thank under Armour for taking care of the kids. Give me something. Thank you guys for coming out this morning and supporting this school.

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{"duration":"6:43","description":"Head coach Derek Fitzhenry and his players received a surprise visit and a gift from the two former NFL stars after Hurricane Harvey damaged C.E. King High School in northeast Houston. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"49618423","title":"Football team surprised by Michael Strahan, Deion Sanders after Harvey ravages high school ","url":"/GMA/video/football-team-preps-1st-practice-harvey-flooding-ravaged-49618423"}