Foul Play Suspect in Missing Girl Case

Authorities suspect foul play in disappearance of 20-month-old Ayla Reynolds.
2:04 | 12/31/11

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Transcript for Foul Play Suspect in Missing Girl Case
Sad story we've been following involving a baby's -- -- Reynolds who disappeared police in Maine this morning. Are now saying this is no longer a missing persons case but -- -- a foul play so what changed here. ABC's John dollars on the story this morning Duncan -- Morning -- investigators are not talking about any specific suspect or evidence at this time but they must have something their two week investigation has led them to say this is a criminal case. It all centers around the place that little -- disappeared from her father's home. Twenty month old -- Reynolds was last seen alive just over two weeks ago an overnight authorities in Waterville Maine issued a grim statement. We believe that foul play has occurred in connection with a -- disappearance the statement goes on to say this case has evolved from the search for missing child. To a criminal investigation. Investigators based their conclusions on evidence gathered over the last two weeks but wouldn't elaborate. Maine state police roped off to shed Friday at the Waterville home of the toddler's father Justin DPH throw. DP HO insists he put his daughter to bed on the night of December 16 and reported her missing the following morning thousands. Of hours of exhaustive searching on land and water come up empty the twenty month old's mother who was in rehab at the time of the disappearance has made allegations that eight Liz father. May have been abusive. The little girl recently suffered a broken -- -- -- -- You know her and my -- like to go down on the stairs that could be from that -- coaches I believe that I. The father just NDP HO issued a statement of his own last week saying I would never do anything to hurt my child questions of -- is armor bruises or anything else being said or simply -- The search has galvanized an agonized this main community -- held candlelight vigils and made a makeshift memorial. Investigators have received more than 400 tips and 30000 dollars in reward money is still being offered. In what is now a criminal investigation. Police say let's father and mother have both been cooperating with investigators a press conference is expected later today.

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{"id":15264725,"title":"Foul Play Suspect in Missing Girl Case","duration":"2:04","description":"Authorities suspect foul play in disappearance of 20-month-old Ayla Reynolds.","url":"/GMA/video/foul-play-suspect-missing-girl-case-15264725","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}