Found Money: Kids Edition

Alison Bernstein of offers tips for how to save money on your children.
3:00 | 08/09/12

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Transcript for Found Money: Kids Edition
Little bodies. -- a huge if you have kids or your thinking about having kids day. You have probably heard and I can confirm soaking Josh yeah it's very very expensive said today in our sound money series we're doing a little hikes addition. And joining us to help us. Find you money when -- -- parent is the editor of Bob dot com Alison burns yeah. Games here and GA. It's that we thought why not play another one -- that price so Allison what do we have here first two products and you're gonna have to avenue bring baby how -- -- -- -- that stroller this show. What do you think that's costs. Are there really expensive. There's really I would say like 700 dollars. I would say like. I was saying like like -- 25300. Dollars the hundreds at a hundred to teach but I can't I'm actually can -- 305 dollars. Because we're not competitive and that strikes again I must 400 Howard Donald -- OK -- laugh it up audience I -- Yeah I forgot how expensive they are. Great solution to find you some money yeah just take up arms my busy part of the whole -- Dissident -- travel system and -- only. 300 dollars in a savings of a 140. Dollars your dollars is still a lot of money but let's just let -- -- a card -- -- quick and it popped out of your opinion is that up until you. Child is done using a -- it's a great multi use is that stingray this it's like this be shut Alison yeah. A lot of my friends and K I had to try and bill good -- Neptune that's. And this -- -- grows without an absolutely he's concerned aboard knots its four actually wait what are we talking here. Every parent's worst nightmare now just getting it's that kind of -- I. It's hard to -- punching does -- take can be -- can be -- is no worries but you have to get a couple different things you need to get a potted -- -- on the floor one that goes into the toilet seat. And then -- -- -- need to reach -- -- it. So guess. Three dollars for all of it OK I'm many gas one dollar. But -- and three and one time wow -- an eighteen dollars on And it that's actually a full -- -- it also goes on -- well. That's already get everything I want I love the streamlined by Gary quickly here what we have here we have to an umbrella strollers rise as a kid throws you're -- want it now is the -- -- -- -- -- -- you think it -- to Radio Flyer Scott 600. 15100 dollars. This is 230 provoked us what we have here I don't know let's find out what is an all -- -- tricycle and roll back guys -- -- -- out of -- The coolest thing I've ever been canceled so let's hear -- it's only -- 130 dollars in savings -- a hundred dollars and you can get both in one item -- did get locked out of the west. Okay. -- One moment.

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{"id":16970949,"title":"Found Money: Kids Edition","duration":"3:00","description":"Alison Bernstein of offers tips for how to save money on your children.","url":"/GMA/video/found-money-kids-edition-16970949","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}