Carla Hall's Buffalo Wing Burgers

Chew co-host and author of "Cooking With Love" shares a special spin on the barbecue burger.
2:15 | 07/04/13

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Transcript for Carla Hall's Buffalo Wing Burgers
Carla hall of "the chew," and author of kwk "cooking with love: Food that hugs you," is back to make something that i think anyone wants to know how to make on this day. That, of course, is buffalo wing burgers. Exactly. Buffalo wing burgers. Think buffalo wings for the super bowl. Now, we're going to have it for the fourth of july. I'm going to have some onions and butter. Salt and pepper, thyme, and hot sauce. A little bit of garlic. And adding it, too? I'm adding it to the onions. You go ahead. We have that all cooked up and cooled. We put it into ground chicken. We're going to make those into burgers. Then, we're going to cook those nicely in a pan. You can put it on the grill on foil if you cut holes in it. And we're having it with a blue cheese celly slaw. Isn't that awesome? Fantastic. And then, a spicy mayo. You get in there. You're in there with the dessert. I can mix it. You can mix it? Uh-huh. Here you go. Yummy. There's pound cake at the end of the table. Bring it. That's good. Get in there. I am your table. Really? Grab your fork. I got one. These are on the grill for the burgers, about ten minutes because they don't have that much fat in them. And the great thing about all of these tips is you can do a lot of it ahead. That's the secret to a successful party. This sounds like a stupid party. Why are they called buffalo wing burgers? Everything is from buffalo wings. And you have the blue cheese and the celery, as a slaw. I'm going to take that for you. Wow. I know. Exactly. You guys enjoy. Have a great fourth.

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{"id":19578025,"title":"Carla Hall's Buffalo Wing Burgers","duration":"2:15","description":"Chew co-host and author of \"Cooking With Love\" shares a special spin on the barbecue burger.","url":"/GMA/video/fourth-july-burger-recipes-carla-halls-buffalo-wing-19578025","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}