Freddie Gray Transport Van Made 4th Stop: Investigators

Protests continue as police turn over findings of investigation into Gray's death.
2:36 | 05/01/15

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Transcript for Freddie Gray Transport Van Made 4th Stop: Investigators
latest from Baltimore. Police handing over the results of their investigation of Freddie gray's death to prosecutor and revealing the van he was in made an extra stop that had not been previously reported. ABC's Jim Avila is in Baltimore are more on that. Good morning, Jim. Reporter: Good morning, robin. Baltimore police investigators say they've exhausted every lead. Now it's up to prosecutors to decide if Freddie gray was killed at the hands of police or did he just die while this their custody? Protests spread toed iffed if overnight. Pushing and shoving with demonstrators. In Baltimore, the third straight night of peaceful protests. And now this morning, new information about the incident that prompted both those violent and peaceful pro Tes. Baltimore police announcing they have privately turn over their report to prosecutors. Wjla reporting law enforcement sources told them the report says Freddie gray's injuries with not sufficientered in his arrest, but in the transport van where his legs were shackled but his body not restrained bay seat belt. The medical examiner found a dent in the back of gray's skull that matches a bolt on the inside rear door of the van. The chief medical examiner saying we don't do preliminary findings. Some cast doubt on the report. Police also revealing a new piece of evidence. A mysterious fourth stop on the transport wagon Freddie was taken to the station in. A stop not mentioned until now. The driver of the van didn't tell police and somehow hid it or forgot it. Reporter: The only other person in the back of the van with gray was a prisoner. This shows the van picking him up. Yesterday, there were reports suggesting he told police gray was intentionally trying to injure himself by banging against the walls of the vehicle. Now, that prisoner saying Freddie was in a separate compartment. I heard a banging for about four seconds. Reporter: Still unknown is how Freddie got the head injury that snapped his neck. Could he have provided enough force on his own? Or was he tossed around violently on purpose during what police call a rough ride? That's a dark form of brutality where a prisoner is bounced around the van while handcuffed and defenseless. George? Let's talk to Dan Abrams. What happened inside the van is the key question. The police have handed over their file to prosecutors. To the state's attorney's office. That doesn't mean they'll accept as gospel what they have gotten from police. They'll evaluate, does this story add up? Do they believe the police? Then comes the crucial question, let's assume they believe there was some wrong doing. To the point where they thing it was even criminal. Do we believe it was intentional or do we believe it was negligent? You can still find criminal action if there was negligence. Could it be a civil suit or does it rise to the level of criminal? They did not put handcuffs on Freddie gray. Would that be enough along with a rough ride to be a criminal charge? It will totally depend on the intention. As Jim points out, if the goal was to give him a rough ride in the back,nd a as a result of what typically were just rough rides and a little bit of a lesson but in this case, he died, that could be criminal conduct. You're talking about officers taking intentional action to punish someone in way that they're not allowed to do. But that's going to be the key question. Meaning something like a seat belt, right. He wasn't wearing a seat belt in the back. Is that enough? That's a violation of police procedure but probable not criminal. Thank you, Dan. Now the thwarted terror

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{"duration":"2:36","description":"Protests continue as police turn over findings of investigation into Gray's death.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"30724146","title":"Freddie Gray Transport Van Made 4th Stop: Investigators","url":"/GMA/video/freddie-gray-transport-van-made-4th-stop-investigators-30724146"}