French Broad Chocolate Lounge Shares Truffle Recipe

The North Carolina chocolate artisans show how to make the treats.
3:52 | 02/13/13

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Transcript for French Broad Chocolate Lounge Shares Truffle Recipe
Your honor the show without chocolate so we have to bring you guys have to give it enough calm you your first restaurant was out of the country where was it it was in good. Every kind of write that in turn back oh yeah I did all right it's not. And and now your second restaurant is here bright bright chocolate lounge in Asheville from maternal well -- -- -- what we're glad you're here I see the chocolate what we can do with it. It is we're gonna make a really simple truffle recipe that everybody can make home without any special equipment so you don't have to -- truffles for your loved one you can really show law and making. On CN pop a little polish campaign put -- in the kitchen design Q and make some trouble I would -- -- let's do and I wanna put -- -- OK so it's not that ripples of basically chocolate and cream -- -- center. And they're coated in something delicious -- usually talk lead but we drive for different items we Bryant chopped pistachios. This is going to be incredibly complicated though that you can't be as simple as you make it look so let's get started what is this in here this is creating a -- into a blip on the screen and you bring it to a -- but you gotta -- stern has created doesn't handle it well right when he's trying to put heat on him what do you do with that as soon as you see it come until -- we're gonna pour -- over this chopped chocolate -- -- -- young lady. All right for a top -- it. All right carried out likes dirge hello -- away you want to look at any minute amount given an academic -- shaped prankster. We'll give it -- -- -- given US make sure that all the journalist -- that they'll always is such an extreme so that it's excuse me of and in part. With enough heck that's it. Now we don't overall -- your back hold my -- Right now what. Well we're gonna wait a minute further cream to melt the chocolate right and the T the temperatures are an equalizer in -- around the perfect point at which cannot -- Comes to getting that talking. I had placed my -- at the Newport this -- and then what would you do record in the pan and then we let sit the more time the better you know overnight preferably get a refrigerator or yourself you can let it. It's best to let it sit. Output cut sent in pinch if it's Valentine's Day and a few hours you can see he could -- -- -- That simple we pay thousands of dollars for this stuff every year they can be a lot of complicated. A lot of our troubles are. We -- maker Piraeus -- infusions we're making it an annuity cut it and just didn't something really nice -- -- the statue is there with us is cocoa cocoa -- what the heck is the red stuff. This is dehydrated raspberry. And America and we ground in the spice -- and then Clinton on -- -- coconut as well then. When you are interested in doing this for the person you love online you can get a whole -- -- -- you made a dot com and -- Yeah -- OK Good Morning America dot com Yahoo! and we will have the recipe for how you can make it so easily so simply moments like that. And some some. Jokes. Can Frontline yeah yeah yeah all right so we have that didn't sell so well yeah it. This -- innocent. And practiced. -- -- -- -- And this is important get distillers guild making McIntosh -- -- the magic very here when I was -- from the center hearing it starts to come together. And it's just a look like putting in the Middleton and Tunisia and -- unit hang out. Just keep going until it comes altogether on the sides I thought this was incredibly complicated and that it took days and heavy equipment to do this so I would have been doing as a home for every -- things like. I'm really truly -- sixty bucks for a box. This. So and that's knowing that you can do it at home is like meeting that you guys so much for being here but that's why it's important use good chocolate new job that you like to -- you're making truffles because. As a simple recipe like this. -- tasting is equality cream -- quality chocolate Daniel and I browns are not hot chocolate in filled. Thank you got --

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{"id":18490264,"title":"French Broad Chocolate Lounge Shares Truffle Recipe","duration":"3:52","description":"The North Carolina chocolate artisans show how to make the treats.","url":"/GMA/video/french-broad-chocolate-lounge-shares-truffle-recipe-18490264","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}