'Friday Night Tykes' Reality Show Under Fire

2 youth football coaches have been suspended after episodes showed their dangerous training tactics.
3:00 | 02/05/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Friday Night Tykes' Reality Show Under Fire
Popular new reality show that is coming under fire it's called Friday night types -- about that a lot of youth football. -- not to coaches have been suspended raising some serious questions about the -- training for young kids ABC's newest correspondent tomorrow. -- -- -- Are all okay turning -- I had the story we're all rooting for me -- an enemy day or so yeah are just as well had -- -- -- -- -- -- that reality show you know that's right like you said to volunteer youth football coaches are getting a timeout. After episode show them forcing children through -- grueling practices yelling at them. And even encouraging the kids to hurt opposing tight here -- saying that kind of training isn't just on sportsman like it's downright dangerous. Yeah yeah. Tough talk -- hit everybody right here. Very -- flared when it's on sidelines screaming. -- hits. And the players are just eight and nine years old. It's not part of Friday night -- the new reality show on the Esquire network. Providing an unvarnished look at kids' football league in Texas following five teens packed with -- size players. Now two of the league's volunteer coaches have been disciplined for shocking unsportsmanlike conduct. In one episode Charles charter -- tells one of the kids to hit an opposing player with his helmet. A practice so dangerous it's banned by the NFL. He's now suspended for the rest of the year that he comes across on which included -- -- -- -- understand this interview dean -- -- school. And Murray is -- was accused of encouraging young players to use profanity. The coach now -- the rest of the spring season denies encouraging them but issued an apology for his own behavior. -- Daria has also apologized and both men say their devoted to their players. Founder of your father did for their dome it was a moan it -- it was a bad decision on my part. Looking back and is not good. Communal relies would you say sometimes in the heat of the passion critics of the -- say this kind of training shouldn't be glorified or even practiced at all it feels like you're watching child abuse sanctioned. Child abuse there's no evidence to suggest that this kind of coaching is effective in building athletes over the long term. Still some parents are defending coaches like cover -- -- good -- sometimes the coaches can be rough and they're trying to bring out the best in the kids. Even though they've been suspended job Maria and good but will continue to be on the series which was filmed during the 2013. Season. They say they hope to coach again once their suspensions are over and the head of the Texas youth football association. Says he doesn't have the power to dismiss them permanently but -- you do see a across the country a lot of participation in these -- -- dropping -- that more parents are becoming concerned about these risks and -- thinking of this picking up they showed. -- should say they may be easy because you started at the desk is that back and in my first job ever -- at ABC and Georgia thinking the only person in TV -- -- -- as long as I write. Human overall gonna get it right Seattle -- bit easier to --

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{"id":22372651,"title":"'Friday Night Tykes' Reality Show Under Fire","duration":"3:00","description":"2 youth football coaches have been suspended after episodes showed their dangerous training tactics.","url":"/GMA/video/friday-night-tykes-reality-show-fire-youth-football-22372651","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}