Has Newt Gingrich Peaked Too Soon?

The frontrunner may be losing steam just before the Iowa elections.
3:28 | 12/19/11

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Transcript for Has Newt Gingrich Peaked Too Soon?
How secure your vote as a close -- on Christmas it seemed like everyone is gunning for Republican front runner Newt Gingrich. He scrapped a planned weekend off to respond to charges just about two weeks before the first votes in Iowa. ABC's John Karl is here with the story and John there are some signs -- -- made PT sent. Let's right George -- peeking out Gingrich has become target number one for all of the other candidates. -- just two weeks ago for the Iowa caucus he is under fire from every direction. Interview we talked about. Mitt Romney made his first appearance on a Sunday talk showing nearly two years. Using the opportunity they gave once again at Newt Gingrich. So the speaker said that what Nancy Pelosi and spoke in favor of the legislation dealing with climate change he has been -- reliable in those settings and zany. It's not just Romney Gingrich is under -- relenting assaults from all the candidates. Especially in Iowa for being airwaves here filled with ads attacking him here that he could. The fact that Gingrich was -- 300000. Dollars for ethics violations and pulled Michelle Bachmann and Rick Perry are now touring Iowa by bus. Each taking -- that Gingrich. He may get in the grand. Father of -- While the rest of the country was dealing with the economic meltdown he was pocketing one points. Operatives also upset about the weight Gingrich speaks to heard from debates. Sometimes comes from Buckman doesn't get -- facts richter as well Michelle. -- not only say just isn't true period. What he said sounded very condescending and it sounded like he was talking down to me. It's -- I was one of his students. Gingrich is response for the most part he's ignoring all of it. Over the weekend he was in Mount Vernon Virginia at yet another book signing. This one for the children's book his wife Callista -- lately Gingrich barely even mentions the names of his opponents. I'm not uncommon -- around it instead he is offering history lessons on the courts and the presidency. The founding fathers wanted -- balance of power between the legislative executive and judicial branches. Over the weekend -- sounded like someone running to be professor and chief. Rather than commander in chief but today he is headed back to Iowa trying to protect his lead and promising George that he is going to run a positive campaign. But that is a tough thing to promise when you're really kind of attack that he is under -- -- -- and John -- you are also in Washington we've been following this tax cut fight everyone's taxes 120 million Americans set to go up. On January 1 first at this tax cut is not extended it looked over the weekend. Let him pass the senate too much extension by 89 to ten huge. Majority but there's been a revolt among house Republicans and -- -- tax cuts in jeopardy. -- I think there's a real possibility George this does not -- because right now both sides have dug in. I spoke to a top senate Democrat after the house Republicans indicated they wouldn't accept it and they said as far as they're concerned. The Republicans have a choice of either -- doing what passed in the senate we're taking the blame for 120 million Americans -- their taxes going up. Ocalan before on the solely Jon Karl thanks very much and it's a big day for politics and ABC news. The launching new political web site -- news.com that stands for of the United States. And using breakthrough technology we've created a brand new political stock market each 2012. Contender is being valued based on expert analysis and what's happening in real time. Across social media check it out and join the market it -- -- news.com.

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{"duration":"3:28","description":"The frontrunner may be losing steam just before the Iowa elections.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15186998","title":"Has Newt Gingrich Peaked Too Soon?","url":"/GMA/video/frontrunner-newt-gingrich-peaked-iowa-republican-primaries-15186998"}