Frugal Foodies: Making Dinner at a Discount

Tips on how you can get the best deals when grocery shopping.
3:00 | 01/28/14

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Transcript for Frugal Foodies: Making Dinner at a Discount
This -- is like a lot of them married it's she hates paying a lot for -- -- cheater husband and three active kids. Things and I Ireland's you're really need better or -- -- But Cyril loves to cook even went to culinary school so she isn't willing to cut corners when it comes to quality he. -- things change we'll keep it is -- -- -- -- She is off frugal foudy a growing movement of people who believe eating -- is cool and delicious. She even writes about saving money on her blog how light -- penny. Cirrus saves thousands of dollars a year on food shopping. Getting almost 50% off her grocery bill. And how she does it is -- big secret it just takes time in planning. We traveled to York Pennsylvania and went on the -- with Sarah and her son Harry as they stocked up for a week's worth of groceries. Are you ready to go Saturday but the Gephardt alleges that includes ingredients for tasty meals like pork loin in -- -- not a taco you're making me hungry with that list I like the Mexicans and to complete at least without breaking the bank. There has to go to three different grocery store is -- -- 10:45 AM. First stop immediately is grocery outlet that -- -- that would otherwise go -- -- What's Emilia is known for a million I -- love it because you have name brand products at a discount. Food it's close to our past its sell by dates ever want to -- you'll find something. That is closed today maybe it's within a couple of weeks or couple months and then that you will find some things that are passed it. These pretzels -- -- a dollar. Out there you adopt -- out check things out best. Way. 213. Fourteen which is. Less than -- So do you think my failing to -- this month. Yeah definitely. And is cornmeal should have been sold in December. 297. Cents and seven cents and whatever -- the -- well I chat. The DAX. He -- admired but it sealed up. There's nothing wrong with that I'm going to be using. Within the month. And so I'll just get one of these wells so things do look a little worse for -- -- look at that this is a beat up box. Recent -- and in office. 240 still inside it's fine it's just -- -- it's not just pretty. There -- also was some diamonds in the rough. Here's a cranberry juice ocean spray 32 ounces 4999. -- out when it comes in fact I go okay why what's wrong and it's best before may 22 of four people. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We're hidden a bit of a jackpot deal on this one Peta letter is another family staple Ellsbury with a brand named -- -- and and Peter hand. So -- -- it's not just once it. Jeff -- two sentences and denying. It at check out our -- was well see how much. This uncommon. But the big old thing and having dollar and fourteen facts because every -- -- almost 50% less than a traditional grocery store. I'd argue that. Thing here. Yeah. It's 12:30 PM next stop all the a totally different grocery store experience but -- credit court you have to rent -- cars. They -- by not having -- daughters. When you get inside you don't find any name brands. That's all -- it is mostly. Qualities. And that good deal we gun on peanut butter. Doesn't seem so good now at dollars 69. What's ours -- I think it was murdered. 279. Does that sting a little bit. That it. It doesn't little bit but for a -- -- got an extra not to -- This story is designed to keep prices as low as possible part of their longstanding philosophy of operational efficiencies to. Everything we can do to keep our costs -- we -- gonna do that -- -- that evening and our customers. -- stores are smaller than regular Murphy stores instead of tens of thousands of products they sell about thirteen hundred of the most commonly bought items. And they display either products in the boxes they were shipped it we -- have to have somebody spending that time to individually. Take that product and place it on the job. But if you think off label equals -- quality -- -- Here in the LB test kitchen outside of Chicago its theme of -- creek -- -- top of the line meals. Made with discount ingredients. And significantly. It's that means that somewhere and you thought I'd be present or are -- as well. Beckett are -- and Pennsylvania. We stocked up on our own scanned the area 377. Or -- got this get all -- -- to board when he wine for the -- -- colonies has been -- price for Syria hands which she came core. Plus a few -- 379. And three counts. That would easily be six dollars a fresh start and they don't take credit card too many seats just cash and -- it. 46 -- seven you have to bring your own bag and -- yourself. We are stating -- -- money by not hiring people to batter pressures that we only have. A few more things to go things that we got -- the green and -- you know. And yours. Now at 2 PM our last stop is Johnny -- -- the tortellini you know. Her local grocery store and occasional sponsor on her -- ain't you know. Discount stores often don't sell specially cuts of meat like -- state -- -- -- Right. Sushi to get back here longwood this surprise remember that she peanut butter from -- -- creamy. Add the sixteen ounce is normally 299 on -- -- 71 OK and I think -- seventy. -- -- -- We did -- that -- -- Sorry for hours later syrup Italy finishes up her list. That. For a grand total of a 168. Dollars 82 -- I didn't really India for all that we got proving that good taste at a lower price can beyond -- shopping list no matter where you live. It seems like a bottom line here is you can be a frugal booty. You can -- different updating -- Approval I don't -- For Nightline I'm Rebecca Jarvis in York Pennsylvania. Right.

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{"id":22265097,"title":"Frugal Foodies: Making Dinner at a Discount","duration":"3:00","description":"Tips on how you can get the best deals when grocery shopping.","url":"/GMA/video/frugal-foodies-making-dinner-discount-22265097","section":"GMA","mediaType":"yahoo only"}