Full-Body CT Scan Discovers ABC Anchor's Heart Problem

Bill Weir, Dr. David Agus discuss how test found potentially serious problem.
0:15 | 01/18/12

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Transcript for Full-Body CT Scan Discovers ABC Anchor's Heart Problem
Doctor Agassi joins us federal home with Bill -- -- -- you do not go into the -- You know it's just willful ignorance I'm one of those bone headed guys you thought that doctors are for sick people. And I don't get sick -- fooled myself into thinking if five hit the gym really hard on a daily basis I can eat whatever -- want. And I've always felt great -- is really what a shock. Total shock is the last thing that would at a measured and an improvement willful -- even more had to be reminded after the fact agreement on this. My grandfather had a heart attack when I was a -- I don't remember it but the DNA tests prove it was genetic and back culmination of my wiring my building block my DNA and my fondness for cheesecake -- Baby back ribs that was kill myself and didn't even though it still would. Exactly is wrong they'll start. You know we are born your heart Irish totally clear it's like a highway with no traffic on it as you get older they get a little -- congestion and that's. Plaque building up that cholesterol building up in those arteries. In bill's case it happened early. And so we did a test then again this is -- a simple test that not everybody should have been in the right situation it looked at that and he had some of that early. We can intervene and we can reverse it. This is the best thing in the world because we've identified the enemy and now we can take it head on. You know I had that full body -- myself a couple -- years ago and it is quite expensive and insurance doesn't actually cover but it lasts a long time. No question I mean -- visiting -- -- sometimes insurance covers sometimes it doesn't cost hundreds of dollars but establishes a baseline. And it saves lives you know -- took twenty years to show that mammograms save lives and so you is an individual have the right to say I wanted to -- today. So it hasn't really changed your life would contain but the I got the treadmill. Under the garage. Walked playoff football and in walk seven miles. This this tracker this fitness tracker there's a lot of different brands that make them but I can tell you that already today. Taken 15135 steps have gone put some four miles of burn a 1007 -- only 835 yeah. And it and it's -- in powering when you can look at a chart a minute by minute chart and say this is how well moving. And this is another thing I noticed but if you hit the gym hard you find sitting here but at the office for ten hours maybe you say that's. Worse than smoking in some cases it's absolutely -- 1953. -- -- to the British transit authority employs twenty count them -- with a bus drivers. -- -- money percent of didn't have the ticket takers that walk away and it took the tickets to heart attack and death rate was hand in the bus -- and in the ticket takers. -- it's staggering you move it's great Ann Howard the -- awesome but you negated by sitting in the deaths of one of the other simple things that everyone can do to prevent. This -- American. Very simple things like meals and regular schedule you imagine the stressing your body at noon you have lunch today -- tomorrow at 2 o'clock on stress hormones go up. Walking around as we've talked don't Wear good shoes he inflammation that builds up from where this fancy Italian loafers you know a day a week a month a year. Causes disease later on and then the past -- just get your flu shot. You know if you got the flu -- -- would survive it would be a problem but a decade from now the information with the flu would increase your risk of heart disease and cancer. We want to block inflammation. -- -- and and just having a regular routine washing help that's incredible it's great that you did assignments. I'm being reminded by my boss -- my jobs saved my life about every five minutes. Hi I'm -- Miller a -- to complain about my job. -- -- thanks a lot.

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{"id":15385574,"title":"Full-Body CT Scan Discovers ABC Anchor's Heart Problem","duration":"0:15","description":"Bill Weir, Dr. David Agus discuss how test found potentially serious problem.","url":"/GMA/video/full-body-ct-scan-discovers-abc-anchors-heart-15385574","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}