'Full House' Fumble Game Show

The men of the classic TV show join "GMA" to play a quiz show.
3:00 | 01/29/14

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Transcript for 'Full House' Fumble Game Show
Hey, we move on now to a bromance that seems to never end for the men of "Full house." It's been 19 years and the guys are now back together reuniting in a sizzling hot super bowl ad. We'll show it to you and hear -- Look at them. Right here. Being ridiculous having a great time on the set. Here though first our favorite "Full house" moments. ♪ Everywhere you look everywhere you go there's a heart there's a heart ♪ Reporter: They were an unlikely trio who made us say tgif every week on the hit "Full house." Spin her. Spin her. This is great. Ga, ga, ga. Whoa. Play it with me, dad. ♪ Reporter: The show starred bob saget as talk show host Danny tanner, a young widower with three girls. I'd like to get them to bed before "Good morning America." Reporter: He enlisted the help of his brother, Jesse played by John Stamos. Reporter: And his best friend from college joey Gladstone played by comedian Dave coulier. Their nonstop laugh out 4r0ud moments turned it into one of the pose popular sitcoms of the '90s. ♪ ♪ can't cut this generation baby ♪ What did you lugs get busted for? Scalping. Tickets. No. Reporter: And nearly two decades after going off the air, the tanner family continues to fill our house with laughter through syndication. Aaagh! All right, here they are, live in person and very unpredictable, I dare say. John Stamos, bob saget and Dave coulier. Well all of you. I don't know what you're saying right now. The fact that you're making a paper airplane. How did you know? Can we get started by looking at the ad? Wait a second. The network debut of this ad, correct? Yes. Premieres on television. Thank you, guys for showing it first. Here it is. Sell, sell. Have something on your -- right here. Oh. Oops. I did it again. Uh-huh. Mm-mm. Oh. Take off your pants, Greek boy. You heard the man. Take those pants off. That's going to stain. Dannon oikos Greek pleasure. Don't leave me alone with him. She wasn't good for us anyway. That's ridiculous. Eight years they've been trying to take my pants off. You know. To be honest, you have velcro pants so it's not difficult. You're very dedicated to those underpants too, aren't you? What were they? What was that? Pull your pts pas down. He's actually wearing the underwear. Watch this. There you go. Pull your pants down. Oh, oh, okay. Undies. My oikos undies. Wow. Underpants. What I love, bob, you didn't even flinch. You don't even move anymore for 19 years. Dave is wearing pull-ups right now. And a onesie. So we're clear, fcc, that was unplanned. I believe there was a precedent-setting case, unplanned. We didn't know. They were lovely. You can order them online I'm sure. On the set were you ad-libbing a lot. That's clean and family friendly what you just saw. Okay. Yeah, we had a blast. It was two days of a lot of fun. Speaking of blasts. Lots of -- what are you saying? I don't know. Dave makes sound effects. He can do this with his hand. It's not good for breakfast. It's a talent. Do one -- No need. All good. I've been in the commercial three year, very proud of dannon. I've been good to me. Let's have a self-deprecating vibe about it. They've always been so great about that and I said, how about bringing my brothers on for the super bowl and they said, yeah and came up with this sort of -- the thing I like about this commercial. It was like "Full house." An adult can watch it with their kids. I mean we're on our third jej race of "Full house" fans. Every four years there's a new "Full house" fan born. I may be 3 years old so that's how long it's been on. The last episode, 19 years ago. Yes. 19 years ago. So it's like you all -- like time has stopped when you're back together again. Yeah. It is then we look and see our own children, my children were with us last night and it makes us go, wow, we're older. Yeah. And my friends, they are my brothers. They would never even think of going near my children. Ow often do you guys get a chance to get together. Too much. Much too often. We're all -- These two visited me at my house last week. We sat in my backyard by the little fire pit and we joked around. And he wore the onesie from the commercial. I did wear the onesie. I like -- I love that onesie. That thing is so comfortable. Any pictures perhaps of that? Mental. I can't get rid of them. Looks like one of Santa's helpers that should have been let go. You look very pretty in this lighting. Thank you. You do. Let's stay here all day. Want to ask Twitter questions. Yeah, John, Andrea B. Wants to know from the show, which catchphrase do you remember most? Ooh. Well, you know, Garry Marshall from "Happy days" said come up with a catchphrase so I said have mercy from "Pretty woman" by Roy Orbison. That's good. Deal. I didn't do it for you. I never -- have and I said mercy but -- It was taken. So what you're saying is cut it out. That was a good one. That's pretty much -- Bob, did you have catchphrases. I used other catchphrases, the Olsen twins would say oh nuts. What you talking about Willis. No, different -- That was a different show. Bob, your comedy, obviously this was family-friendly stuff. It was sort of -- it was a revelation to many that you work a little bluer than you did on the show. I found funny and tried to keep the audience that didn't want to hear it away from me. He has a new album and just got nominated for a grammy. Like your music too. My man is a loser is -- That's the name of his movie, though. Stop it. Rihanna, everybody, coming up. More with "Full house," as well.

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{"id":22280386,"title":"'Full House' Fumble Game Show","duration":"3:00","description":"The men of the classic TV show join \"GMA\" to play a quiz show.","url":"/GMA/video/full-house-fumble-game-show-22280386","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}