Chemical Forces Major Orange Juice Recall

All overseas shipments are being inspected after harmful chemical discovered.
2:07 | 01/11/12

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Transcript for Chemical Forces Major Orange Juice Recall
News this morning that all of the orange juice coming across our borders is being closely inspect it right now. So what's really in your glass of OJR chief. Helping medical editor doctor -- to -- is here. With more on this and this is oh -- -- company that blew the whistle on itself and a competitor we don't know which one concern what exactly is going on here. So what they found was a chemical called the -- disease and it's used on -- to prevent fungus there -- other chemicals that we use in this country. The concern is that while it's not used in the US 26%. Of all of our orange juice is imported from other countries. When they look at this chemical in in in laboratories in in rodents it causes birth defects reproductive problems. In human cells in the laboratory can cause chromosomal problems. There have been shown to harm humans but because of those issues and animals they don't want -- used on on US fruit market you just don't know so what does the FDA doing it well I just got up the phone with Mike Taylor who's head of food safety the FDA. They're testing all of the juice it's coming in from all countries all the arms she's for this chemical they're just starting to test born she sits on the shelves currently here. The lowest the highest level that they found his is 1000 times lower than the level of concern. City don't think that -- -- that there's a health issue here but there is an issue and that this chemical is not allowed on our food so if you're watching us this morning and -- got a glass of OJ as you always do. Welcome cricket you know according to the FDA it's safe I'll feel more comfortable as they start to see the results of their testing of of two sincerity on the shelves. I think he can go ahead and drink that but here's what really concerns me. We get a lot of our food imported from other countries and only 2% of all of that food. -- ever inspected by FDA to 2% percent congress is asked for them to do more they haven't gotten the money to do it but only 2% and so that the fact that this was alerted by -- company I mean that's good. But why is an FDA picking up that in and other issues I'm surprised to learn that a 100% of our lines are imported a 100% and only 2% of the -- are are being tested so what could be on other foods. We really need to know if we want to be comfortable that our food supply and is staying on top of -- aren't rich.

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{"duration":"2:07","description":"All overseas shipments are being inspected after harmful chemical discovered.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15337491","title":"Chemical Forces Major Orange Juice Recall","url":"/GMA/video/fungicide-forces-major-orange-juice-recall-inspections-hightened-15337491"}