Funny Animal of the Year

Lara Spencer reveals the top stories that have people buzzing this week.
3:00 | 01/01/14

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Transcript for Funny Animal of the Year
This is your new year's eve edition. Are you ready? Where do people celebrate by throwing break able ges at their neighbor's door? Denmark, ireland or chile? Josh, you knew it. I rung many a new year in denmark. How do they say it? I don't recall. Where do people wear polka dots on new year's eve for good luck? Is it russia, ecuador or the philippines? I'm going to go with ecuador. Mario, I'm sorry. I'm consistently wrong. Finally, where do people eat grapes when the clock strikes midnight on new year's eve? Is it venezuela, spain or turkey? It's obviously spain. And congratulations. A learning moment for everyone. Hopefully you all had a great night. Good new year's eve in spain. I went to high school there and you have one grape as each bong of the clock. This is not last year. . We have been celebrating. Okay, now, to our pop news competition. another one, 2013 an amazing year in animal videos. Oh, yeah. Some of these went crazy viral. We would like to show you them. Here you go, number one, co.O.Ocody. There's no way this is real. You decide, america. Then there's the goat. What do you want? Is that real? Is this real? Listen. What do you want? That's real. All of them are real, josh. And then, maybe they want to watch an otter playing basketball. Then finally, the ponies wearing sweaters. Josh, I remember you loving this. Another learning moment. The votes are in. Hold on the votes are now tallied. The winner of the 2013 animal is -- it goes to cody. I love you as much today as the day I met you. And finally, everybody -- that's a human voice. It sounds like jon leguizamo. I would like to believe that cody is real. This is real, wrestling matches huge in pop news in 2013 and we take one more spin through the mix, here you go, socks are off, toe wrestling made it to pop news in 2013, the toe wrestling competition happened in england, folks put their best foot forward. Also big, arm wrestling. Leagues across the u.S. In 2013, it marks the 35th annual arm wrestling championship. But my favorite and I know sam champion's as well, the gravy wrestling competition in england. And competitors say the gravy tastes like sausage. Mario -- I'm going nowhere with that. That's your "pop news." That was a quote from the article. You're gathering facts. Turns out folks in british

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Lara Spencer reveals the top stories that have people buzzing this week.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21389363","title":"Funny Animal of the Year","url":"/GMA/video/funny-animal-year-21389363"}