'GAA' Deals and Steals: Back-to-School Edition

Tory Johnson reveals incredible deals on products for new and returning students.
3:00 | 08/16/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'GAA' Deals and Steals: Back-to-School Edition
It is time for "good afternoon america's" blockbuster deals and steals segment. This is the back it to school segment thanks to tory johnson, landing exclusive deals for our audience. Remember a couple of key points. Act fast, this stuff goes. Gaa.Yahoo.Com. Just don't eat carrots while on tv. First up, foods lunch books. Really fashionable and fun. You have the container and lid. Pretty cool, right? It comes with a sandwich. Normally $40 for each of these. We're slashing it to 55%. To $18. Next, this is a company called lunchbox love. Where you can buy a half year or full school year worth of cards. Do you think your mom would have put this in? I wouldn't change a thing about you. Do you think she would have said that? No. How about this, there's a jokes edition. These are for little kids. Why can't you play cards in the jungle? Gee,y? Too many cheetahs. Okay, they're really cute. Maybe I didn't pick the best one. You know you love that. That's a really sweet thing. Kids gone all day. These are normally, depending how many you get, $24 to $48, slashing them by 50%. 11 to $28. Kids can use a positive thing from momma. And from ideeali. There's a a really cool salad container. These drink holders. Look at that. Scar reena and kate -- way big selection than what we have here. Normally, anywhere from $36 to $58. Slashed 52%. They feel really high end. Pvp. Shatter resistant. Very cool. You know what you can you can really slide -- there you go. Put these in. Let's arts and crafts. This is a really cool company call called bean welts. She was frustrated her soon was between sizes of pants. She created these ribbon belts. Really, really helpful when kids are between sizes. Huge selection on the website for boys and girls. Got to find something for everybody. Aren't they cute? Tre little. They're little ropes for our kids. Little belts for your kids. Normally -- we got to rope him in. Normally $20, but for "gaa" viewer, 10 bucks. Nicely done. They are great. And, beanbelts throw in free shipping as well. I noticed -- I know what you want to do. You know this like oprah knows this. Jennifer aniston knows this. These are hand-tied, hand tied, both. And they will not leave a dent in your hair. It's amazing. Keep your hair in place. No dent -- they don't -- you put your hair up, and they don't make a dent in your hair, like a crease. No dent. No dent -- dent-free hair. No pulling, no nothing. So fabulous, you get a fall set of colors, there's 16 in that container instead of $36. Sorry, that one got away -- $18 bucks for the emi-jay hair ties. Tory johnson, we love you, we wa to thank all of the cops for providing these great deals. Get the codes, look, no dents, mom. And coming up on the show, we have new details on jen and

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{"id":17021739,"title":"'GAA' Deals and Steals: Back-to-School Edition","duration":"3:00","description":"Tory Johnson reveals incredible deals on products for new and returning students.","url":"/GMA/video/gaa-deals-steals-back-school-edition-17021739","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}