'GAA' Deals and Steals: Candles, Bracelets

Tory Johnson reveals incredible deals on a wide variety of great products.
3:00 | 08/23/12

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Transcript for 'GAA' Deals and Steals: Candles, Bracelets
We love this. It's "good afternoon america's" secret deals and steals. Our friend, tory johnson is with us in the morning and in the afternoon. Always great discount, great products. I have to ask you, before we get started, you have to logon. Because if you wait, it's all gone. Go to gaa.Yahoo.Com. All significantly dispoicountdiscounted. Who is this. Gorgeous girl with her daddy. This company, I love this, canv canvaspop, a perfect way to capture your summer memories. My john jay had his braces took off. That was our great summer moment. And daddy can stare at it all day long. This is from instagram, normally 100 bucks but from gaa viewer, we're slashing it in half, $50. And they're big, 20 by 20. They're a nice size. You can do a whole montage in your office. I'm always unprepared to see her on tv and everything. Ahh. State of france, this is one of these fragrances, a set of three, you've seen it in "people" magazine. They're really delicious. But, baby, we got you covered. Slashed in half. 48 for three. And they make three beautiful gifts or even for yourself. I love it. And there's a huge selection to choose from. These are really fun nor kids. These are magnetic friendship bracelets call ed hook links. Girls can do this -- this is the new cool thing? Very cool, jennifer aniston has been seen with them. Look, that side is repelling, here, here, here. Crazy, okay? Normally $30 to $60, depending on if you choose two or four sets. Slashed in half. There's a met for for taphor for that. Somewhere. And 1 inch plat iron. Normal lease these are $80, but we have a huge disscout, $30. Plus free shipping for "gaa" viewers as well. And some barbecue tongs. This is a product -- what's it called? It's called blowpro. Um -- stop it, what? I didn't know it from the last segment. Exactly. It is really one of the best hair products, patrick uses it, greg uses it. All the supercelebrities. Apparently I use it to. You use it too. It's amazing, $38 for the set. But it's slashed 50% to 19 bucks. Amazing products. We want to thank all of the company force providing all of the deals and two of the -- well, better looking families I've seen here. And of course we want tory. Gaa.Yahoo.Com, before they're all gone.

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{"id":17066777,"title":"'GAA' Deals and Steals: Candles, Bracelets","duration":"3:00","description":"Tory Johnson reveals incredible deals on a wide variety of great products.","url":"/GMA/video/gaa-deals-steals-candles-bracelets-17066777","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}