'GAA' Deals and Steals: Tote Bags, Card Holders

Tory Johnson reports incredible deals on towel sets, brass bracelets and more.
3:11 | 07/27/12

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Transcript for 'GAA' Deals and Steals: Tote Bags, Card Holders
We have some things to fill our good afternoons here on "good afternoon america." I'm not going to make you wear any jewelry. Yet, yet. Before we get started here. You got to logon to the website and get these. It's as supplies last. That's right. If you don't get it, instead of calling me, you call josh. I'll remind you that he said that. We love to do this on "good morning america" too. Things literally sold out. 10,000 bags sold in the first ten minutes. "W" hotels, such luxury, here you can take w luxury home. Open up this towel. Show how big and gorgeous it is. Big. I mean it's not that big. S it is. It's a six-piece towel set or candle set. Every one of these -- aren't they deous? Regularly the deals $56 to $84 from gilt. Depending on which set you choose. 24 to $39. We're cutting it significantly. Keep it going. Keep it going. All right. All right. Here's a big one. Look at the big one. You can model this for us. It's a clutch. We're clashes these 50%. So these are $17 to $40. This is a brought that I love. I love, love, love. Look at the pictures in here. This is a product that's one of my favorites. It's called the card cub bye. I'm sure you can't relate to this. Josh, but I often find myself standing in front of the register at the drug store, oh, do you have your discount card? If I had my card cub bye, everything is perfectly organized alphabetically. They're regularly $20, less than have. 10 bucks. Okay. These have been seen on julia robert, teri hatcher. I'm wearing one here. So fabulous, brass and leather. Slash these in half, $45. I love this. Feel this and smell this. This is called momma kay'sa aromatic clay. It's the clay for today. It doesn't leave anything on your hands. It's got a fresh aromatic cent. We slashed them 50%. 11. Remember, everybody, go to the website and get the codes. We want want to thank the companies providing these for the "gaa" audience. Coming up.

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{"id":16872220,"title":"'GAA' Deals and Steals: Tote Bags, Card Holders","duration":"3:11","description":"Tory Johnson reports incredible deals on towel sets, brass bracelets and more.","url":"/GMA/video/gaa-deals-steals-tote-bags-card-holders-16872220","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}