'GAA' Helps Turn Viewer Trash Into Treasure

Lara Spencer helps viewers realize their visions for unique pieces.
3:00 | 08/03/12

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Transcript for 'GAA' Helps Turn Viewer Trash Into Treasure
mine. It's about reinvention, repurposing, recycling. There's nothing I love t do more than finding a diamond in the rough and turn it into a one-of-a-kind interior design moment. Shall we say. Trash to treasure, we began yesterday. Great success. Today we'll show you how anything can be entrance formed. Viewers today had visions for their pieces, didn't know where to begin, so they came to us. I love that. You sent viewers, tweets. Keep them coming. This post was from nancy, she wrote on facebook. I found this really good piece at a flee market. But it's dated. Can you repurpose this into something fun? Nan circumstantial come on up. . Okay, so. THIS IS 1940s PLANTER. Very dated. You can see it coming apart. It was very, very rusty. I looked at it, and I thought, you know what, not a lot of us working women -- I know you have kid, you're busy. You're not necessarily a green thumb. But do you like a cocktail? Are you ready to see your planter turned cooler? I love it. So, what we did, really, simply, this structure was totally unglued. We cut a piece of plywood and made that a shelf for storage. This is perfect for chilling drinks. I took a wire brush and got rid of the rust. Used metallic paint to protect it from future rust and then i painted it and protected it with clear varnish. And I'm thinking you'll use this outside. That will protect it from further problems down the road. This is thinking outside of the box. L-we took the fifth leg of the table and fashioned them into champagne flutes. Josh is amazing that way. Nancy, enjoy it. . Lela sent us this from pennsylvania. I would love for you to transform this bench into a gem. My friend kathy is going through a sad time and if you transform it. It would make her happy. Lela. We want to help you out. Ild have burned this. The funny thing is, we believe it's from about the 1880s. These are old floor boards that somebody turned into a bench long ago. I tell u-i wasn't sure we could resuscitate it. It was in really bad shape. It's super rickety. It would really hurt your bum because of the splinters. We did a little work on it. So we discovered a long time ago, these boards were painted red. I hope your friend enjoys her new bench. And I thought about going with a bright paint -- ah, lela, you like it? Wow. Do you think your friend will like it. Yeah, I do. I think she'll love it. That's amazing. What we did is used a milk paint instead of regular paint. Because these were floor boards there was so much wax on them. You couldn't paint them. But to keep it w that country feel, we used milk paint. It gives you instructions. It gave a red wash to bring it back to former glory. When something is rickety. Use glue and nails. And there's a piece missing. I recommend trying to find a piece of good that you can. We found a piece of another floor and cut it to match as close as it could. Sit down and make sure it's worthy of your friend. All right. Lela. I'm glad you like it. . All right. And then finally -- I just took a little needle and thread to these pillows. Thank you for that. Josh, this is something that I found. This is a $40 trunk I found at a flee market. Thought it would make a really good coffee table. I found these carts with industrial wheel that was $20, by adding them and bolting them to the bottom -- I want to be a magician. Whoa! I want to show you a picture of a picture of what we found online a very high end retail chain selling this kind of coffee table for $30. This is a good look. You can find these trunks anywhere. By adding legs -- how much was this? This total was $60. All I did is take the wheels off one piece and bolt them to the bottom. It's recycling. What a great feeling. You're creating a one of a kind piece for your home. You're welcome.

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{"id":16923905,"title":"'GAA' Helps Turn Viewer Trash Into Treasure","duration":"3:00","description":"Lara Spencer helps viewers realize their visions for unique pieces.","url":"/GMA/video/gaa-helps-turn-viewer-trash-treasure-16923905","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}