'GAA' Lots of Love: Relationship Advice for Fans

Siggy Flicker and Steve Ward dish out advice for "GAA" audience members.
3:00 | 08/14/12

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Transcript for 'GAA' Lots of Love: Relationship Advice for Fans
america," we love to talk about love. We also love creating love connections. How many times can I get the word love into a sentence? We have two of the best experts in the business to give you advice on how to -- how to find that true connection. They're our regular contributors, siggy flicker, the love picker. And steve ward. THE LOVE WARDEN, FROM VH-1s Program. And because nothing says true love like an afternoon game show, we're going put siggy and steve to the test. A no holds barred question and answer with the audience. Whoa gi who gives the best advice in the audience will decide. Ready to play, steve and siggy? I'm looking for angela. Where are you from? What is your question? I'm from long island. My question is, how can you spice things up after 25 years of marriage? Okay. Siggy, you're first. 15 seconds. The clock starts now. First of all, I just got married. Six years into it, I'm letting you know, date night, every wednesday night, leave the kids at home, check into a hotel. It can be a two-star hotel. U have dinner, you dress in something sexy. Men love sexy. Anything that you put on that plax you feel like a female. Sexy. Steve, you have 15 seconds, go. Nice try, love picker. To be match maker, you need to reinvent the relationship. Each one of you probably have an interest that you haven't purs pursued before. Get excited about something new together. Introduce each other to it. We leave to it the audience. Did siggy get it done? Or is it steve. It's looking siggy. Thank you, very much. Our second audience member is louise. Come on up. Where are you from? Morgan ontown, west virginia. And what is your love question. My question is, how do you dealith a spouse who doesn't want to show any public displayed of affection? Steve, you're first. 15 seconds. Your time starts now. I would say display your affection without their permission, right? What's he going to do, shoo you away? If he loves you, cares about YOU, REALIZEs HOW IMPORTANT IT Is to you to hold hands in public or kiss occasionally, es press it to him and give it a shot. if somebody is embarrassed by public affection, there are ways to do it that are subtle. You walk down the street, you say, honey I want to hold your hand. Not jumping on him, straddling him. Holding hands is beautiful. steve! Steve! 1-1. Our next audience member, ray -- sorry, roe. Where are you from? What is your question? From new york. Get out of town. I couldn't guess. What's the matter with staten island. Can reading the book "fifty shades of grey" -- it can help anything. I haven't read it. Can it help couples maintain a healthy relationship. Absolutely, yes, I read it, my husband and I didn't leave the room for two days. It gets you out of your head. It does something to your body, heart, and soul. It opens up the doors to your love life. Why not? Did you read it? I read it. Steve? I think this is one of those books that women should appreciate themselves, escape, get into it, enjoy it. If you learn something from the book you might want to introduce to your partner in the bedroom, I don't think he would mind. If I were you, I wouldn't tell him you read it in a book. We're looking for a winner.

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{"id":17004193,"title":"'GAA' Lots of Love: Relationship Advice for Fans","duration":"3:00","description":"Siggy Flicker and Steve Ward dish out advice for \"GAA\" audience members.","url":"/GMA/video/gaa-lots-love-relationship-advice-fans-17004193","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}