Cyrus Hair Remorse; New Swift Love Song?

Michael LeWittes and Katrina Szish weigh recent developments in the world of pop culture.
3:00 | 08/14/12

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Transcript for Cyrus Hair Remorse; New Swift Love Song?
New photos you probably have seen of heilly cyrus. Her hair cut. Well now, there's newer photos of her covering up the said hair cut. It has name, it's called the miley. From photographers. Is she having remorse over the hair cut? That tps the big question. We're talking about taylor swift today. And a new song, it's about an ex, maybe. Who is it about? We'll tackle the pressing issue. We have two people to help us. The founder of gossip cop.Com. Michael. And she is katrina vish. All right. So, katrina, the subject of miley. And is that not convenient. The miley. Let's call it the miley. We great. This is a in regret situation. She orchestrated this hair cut. She counted down to it on twitter. This is something she was prepared to do. Why is she covering it up? Two reasons. You go from long hair to short hair, it's hard to style. This is hair 101 for women. Row have long hair,s to it up in a bun. It's short, what do you do? You have to cover it up, otherwise you style it. I go to the pony tail, myself. Also, listen, by covering it up, people want to see it. It's such a huge buzz. She's extending the excitement, the curiosity. And prolonging her time in the spotlight. Michael, does she love the attention? Absolutely. For lack of a better phrase, there's a bounty on her head. She's covering her hair. People want the shot of her hay. Photographers want this. They're going to get in the magazine. She loves the attention. She doesn't care about the criticism. People went off on her on twitter. She loves that stuff. She doesn't care. She's trying to tell people, listen, you remember me as hannah montana. But, aye cut hi hair, I'm edgier. I have piercings. People, I'm grown up. We get it. I officially get it. Totally. I -- like, 100%. Quickly, taylor swift debuts a nong song, we're never getting back together. She sat down with abc and gave us an ive. I was writing with max and johan. Two of my song-writing heroes. A guy walks in, a friend of my ex's, and starts talking about how he's heard we're going to get back together. That was not the case. And soy started telling them this story of this. Just breakup, get back together, breakup, get back together, just -- the worst. Hmm. First of all, she's so cute. I had to say that. But it wouldn't be a taylor swift album without a song about an ex. So who is this one about? Another album, another breakup anthem. It's a trend. Early speculations point to will anderson. The lead singer of the band called parachute. The two were linked last december. A very on-again, off-again relationship. It was back and forth. They spent a lot of time together in nashville. People are saying it's about this guy because they never knew what was going on. He was a lover of indie records. She says in the song, find an indie find with words cooler than mine. Michael? She should retitle this, dear jake. Just like her song, dear john. I believe it's about jake gyllenhaal. A lot of reports about as she said, them getting back together. In the february issue of "vogue" she says I'm writing this album about heart break and it's about someone who upset me. I had a hard time at christmas. Maybe she'll tell us soon. He's michael lewidis. She's katrina vish. Let's check in, d.L., Down

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{"id":17004322,"title":"Cyrus Hair Remorse; New Swift Love Song?","duration":"3:00","description":"Michael LeWittes and Katrina Szish weigh recent developments in the world of pop culture.","url":"/GMA/video/gaa-rumor-cyrus-hair-remorse-swift-love-song-17004322","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}