'GAA' Toe-to-Toe: Too Much Cleavage?

Clinton Kelly and Loni Love discuss when celebrities have shown too much skin.
3:00 | 08/22/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'GAA' Toe-to-Toe: Too Much Cleavage?
And I'm lara spence person we asked this important question. Is it okay to show a little cleavage, especially at work? It's our "toe to toe" today. Still warm outside. Celebs like christina hendricks and kim kardashian take advantage. And ryan gosling. Meavage. We're calling it meavage. You sometimes celebrate your meavage. There was a new unscientific survey by a media company called captivate, says nearly half of all white collar employees have seen cleavage in the office. Should bit kept under wraps? To help us with this, the cohost of "the chew" and "what not to wear." And on the female side, she's from "chelsea lately." Announcer: Today on "the chew" -- fire up the grill because we're putting insanely tasty combos on a bun. This hot dog is called the "wang ding." Announcer: From this popular dog that relishes in a barbeque asian blend -- to michael symon's savory salami egg sandwich. Plus, mario batali's double stacked meaty surprise. And gooey blueberry caramel sticky buns from daphne oz. Then, clinton kelly's working on those other buns -- his one secret to an instant booty lift. And it all kicks off right now on "the chew." hello, everybody. Welcome to "the chew." Summer is all about easy eating and what's easier then creating quick and delicious meals on a bun? So if you're bored with your same old buns, this is a must-watch show for you today. Buns, we're talking about buns. Mario, what kind of buns do you like? I like firm buns. I like big buns. Sometimes I like little buns. I like my bun properly filled is meavage. I love to show mine off. What do you feel is right? How much is too much? I've made a living talking about what is appropriate to wear and when. Quite frank ly, clooeavage is not acceptable at the office. Show it off at night, at the clubs. The rule at the office is not breasts. I worked in sales, aformer engineer. At the end of the month we needed to close some deals, i would tell my girls, shirts low, skirts high. Oh, really? Really? And now, do the numbers respond? Yes, I said an inch for every llion. Okay, it is -- it is, you know, it's funny that way. What about when you're picking up kids at school. No, don't muddy up the situation, sam, okay? Where are you coming from any way? I want josh, where's josh? Where you come from? Muddying up -- I'm sorry. You're part of the abc news family. Okay. She has a crush on josh. I get -- he's cute, too the he got all his teeth. I like that. White teeth. That's the requirement? It don't take much for me. Let's lop it down to appropriate times, okay. There's got to be a right time for cleavage and a wrong time. How do you get people to understand it? I just said. At the end of the month, you need to close the deal, you might need to show a little bit. If you're at the bible study group or the prison guard, no, you don't need to show cleavage. Thank you, sam. Do you agree, clinton? If you're selling something, maybe that will help people buy. You have to draw the line somewhere, right? If women are allowed to show whatever they want to show at work, maybe your accountant wants to wear his bike shorts and you'll know a whole lot about him than you wanted to. Hold on. You have to draw the line. The plumbers, I don't trust a plumber unless he's showing crack, okay. That lets me know he's got his license. So -- I don't know what you're talking about. I know what I'm talking about, people, okay. You might be the fashion expert, I'm the common sense expert. You brought it up. Who went there? You have to maintain the line. The line is chest, not breasts. What are you laughing at? I used to have a lot of laras working for me. When it was the end of the month, this would have been down there. Right there. And we would just sell, sell, sell. That's it. You're just showing a little something. It's not too much. What about for a guy? It depends on how he looks. If he looks like one of y'all, yeah. If he looks like flavor flav, we can cover up. I'm having the most fun ever. This is like -- no, I can't believe this happens every day. I love this! Is there more? We'll get thrown off the air. I want to say thank you to loni.

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{"id":17058994,"title":"'GAA' Toe-to-Toe: Too Much Cleavage?","duration":"3:00","description":"Clinton Kelly and Loni Love discuss when celebrities have shown too much skin.","url":"/GMA/video/gaa-toe-toe-cleavage-17058994","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}