'GAA' Toe-to-Toe: Elton John vs. Madonna

David Alan Grier, Stacy London debate which star is in the wrong over infamous feud.
3:00 | 08/10/12

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Transcript for 'GAA' Toe-to-Toe: Elton John vs. Madonna
celebrity, and we have like a whole new "toe to toe" for you. A celebrity behavior roundup. We are looking at what the stars did this week by affecting their every move. For elton john and madonna, there are lots and lots of things to dissect. Not sure the behavior is good. We'll talk about that. We have two experts to voice their opinions in our celebrity fish bowl host of tlc's "what not to wear" and the book. And let's welcome stace why london. And also, david alan grier. . Yeah. All right. Let's get right into it. Sir elton and madonna. I don't know what was in sir elton's wheaties, but he was venting. Take a listen to the rocket man taking a swipe. Sorry, she's -- her career's over. I can tell you that. Her tour has been a disaster. She's a stripper. Earmuff, I'm a little later. David, what do you make of that? Is this reallthe news of the week? S syria is crumbling, gabby douglas just won a gold medal. . I don't get it. On a serious note, if I got to pick a side, you know, madonna and I were in the same ballet class, this is true, at the university of michigan. Whoa, whoa, whoa, real back in the day, brother. So she's from the detroit area. She's one of my home girls. I'm going to side with the material girl. Hey, love you elton. How could you not? I'm going say, I don't understand, what would possess elton to go on australian television and say that she looks like she's a fair grand stripper. Well, she does, but that's what I like about it. First of all, any woman at her age that can do that stuff, od for her. Who is elton to talk? I MEAN, TALK ABOUT THE 1970s With the glasses and boots. He was a fair grand stripper. We know he's talented, legendary entertainer, he speaks from his heart. So maybe, I don't know. I'm like, where are you going with that? He's really upset, because he's very good friends with gaga. In fact, she's the godmother of his child. She's angry how madonna has been lashing out at gaga over the similarities in songs. And it's gone back and forth. They were both nominated for awards this past awards season. They were swiping at each other. She's not partaking in it which is I think taking the higher road but he continues and he's not holding back. This is public gripe, whatever your private problems, okay. But take it on television? Do you believe that, stacy? Yeah. Let's move on. So, point madonna. Moving on. Star style, we showed you this thursday -- oh, this. Let's take a closer look. Wow, I'm going to get my curls. That is lady gaga on the cover, right there. Apparently madonna posed like this 20 years ago. I'm just kidding. It's actually her second cover. She tweeted this, I'm totally channeling fozzy bear. God love you. Yes. Stacy, as one of the experts on the stage when it comes to style, what do you think of the cover? I think it's a fuel f beautiful statement. When she said she's channeling fozzi bear, she's talking about the hair. Who want want to channel a muppet? She's irrev rent when it comes to fashion. She's not taking herself too seriously. The criticism that's been heaped on her has been about the dress. What's wrong with the dress? I think it's incredible. Given the spectrum of lady gaga choices this is demure. This is like a jeans and t-shirt for her. The dress is -- yes, are you looking this up? Well, the tweet -- she actually tweeted, I am a fair ground stripper. Actually. She was taking a break, i think from that tour. I think this is actually incredibly elegant. But the argument is that she looks a little bit like ursula from "the little mermaid." For me, wait a second. Fozzi bear, ursula, sesame street and disney. It's like win-win. I love the chances she takes, I love that she allows us all to be, just be. Very quickly, I love the chances joan rivers takes, handcuffing herself to a shopping cart. Angry because they won't sell her book for some rather racy jokes on the cover. What do you think of this? I guess we've gone from lady gaga to lady grandma. I don't know, I ard, in joan rivers' defense, she thought she was at a peace rally. She doesn't know -- she's getting older. She doesn't really -- she thought it was a sit-in. And god bless her. You know what I want to say, joan rivers most decidedly did not look like a fair ground stripper. Hey, everybody, david alan

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"David Alan Grier, Stacy London debate which star is in the wrong over infamous feud.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"16979742","title":"'GAA' Toe-to-Toe: Elton John vs. Madonna","url":"/GMA/video/gaa-toe-toe-elton-john-madonna-16979742"}