'GAA' Toe-to-Toe: Is Honesty the Best Policy?

Tabatha Coffey and Sherrod Small explain when it's better to be honest with a loved one.
3:00 | 08/17/12

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Transcript for 'GAA' Toe-to-Toe: Is Honesty the Best Policy?
We asked today, is honesty always the best policy. It's time to go "toe to toe." No. Yeah. I mean yes, yes, very much yes. Sarina and the kids are watching at home. So it says here americans tell about 11 lies per week and I say there's no way that's true. Even though, recent study from the university of notre dame said telling the truth when you're tempted to lie can actually improve your health. We must be two of the healthiest people we've met. It's too hard to keep up with the fibs, that's my opinion, but we'll get to that next. Kristen stewart, first she denied the affair then pictures came out and she came clean. She came really, really clean, issuing an extraordinary statement admitting to the tryst, the fallout has just been enormous, she lied then maybe she was almost too honest. Then maybe because of the lie, the honesty feels even more jarring. There's a lot to pick through here. So, we've enlisted the help of two experts. Sherrod is an expert. This is great. She is the queen of honesty, thankfully she's here from bravo's "tabatha takes over" and he, of course is a comedian that lies up and down. tabatha McCarthy and sherrod small! he's lying all right. Here we go. All right. So, you know what, tabatha, I'll turn to you. It's your biz. Too honest? I mean, are we do honest? Is it always the best policy? I think so. How can you be too honest, if you tell somebody how you feel or what's going on? Your show, you can come Like timen, too. When you're reviewing these business, you're really tough. Do you ever think about maybe softening the blow a little bit and saying, you're a pretty good hair cutter, even though you think they're horrible? No. Why? Why would I do that? It's not going to help them. It's not about being mean, it's about saying, this is the way you're doing it wrong and let me help you. And we'll get to that place. If you say to someone, oh, you're great. You look fabulous, it's fabulous. You don't learn anything if it. You don't become a better child. What if you're a parent talk to your child. You can't tell your kid, there's no santa claus, now beat t. That's what my mother told me. He lives in the bronx. What if your child tries a sport and he it's not his forte, and he asks you, mommy, how did I do? I'm not a parent, but if you disagree that's fine. My mother was always honest with me. She would say, how do you feel about it, do you enjoy do it? Half the time I go, you know what, I like it, I'm doing it because you wanted me to do it. Or patti sue does it. You don't want to break the kid's heart. You don't say look at really michael jordan. That's my baby. Should I give you a gold star, just because he smiles? The world will knock him down enough. Once he gets to the world and coach sends him off the team, he'll realize he's not good. I don't have to tell him that. You don't get a gold star for everything. Oh, you woke up and made breakfast. Here's a gold star. Oh, you came to work, here's a gold star. We're a generation of social media. We lie all day on there. This is who we are. Twitter, macebo facebook. All lies. I'll give you that one. I love that you're now being cast as the good one. I'm the good one. I also think -- in our business, we hear about asking tough questions. I always sort of try to amend that. I don't see a question that I'm asking is tough. It's my job. I'm there to ask questions. They may experience the -- you know, the question as being tough to answer, but it's not a tough question to ask. Do you know who had a good technique on that? Barbara walters, she won't say anything evil about this. She will go like this, what do you say to people saying you're a jerk? She's a pro. When is it okay to lie? When is it okay to lay? I would say first date. I would say definitely first date and court. Very good advice. When is it okay to lie? It's okay to never lie. I'm sorry. I like honesty. Ever? Like if your mother wanted to come visit you. You don't hurt people's feelings, it's not about saying, do I look fat in these, yes, you look like an elephant. It's about saying, how do you feel about it? I've seen you in better dresses. And that's okay as well. Because you don't want to hurt people's feelings. Do you want to lie to people? No? I'm being very honest, when i tell you both, this is the best segment we've ever had on this

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{"id":17029617,"title":"'GAA' Toe-to-Toe: Is Honesty the Best Policy?","duration":"3:00","description":"Tabatha Coffey and Sherrod Small explain when it's better to be honest with a loved one.","url":"/GMA/video/gaa-toe-toe-honesty-best-policy-17029617","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}