Oversharing on Social Media Sites

D.L. Hughley and Stacy London debate how much is too much when sharing online.
3:00 | 08/14/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Oversharing on Social Media Sites
How much should you share on social media? At what point does sharing become oversharing? Annoying, creepy? We're going to go "toe to toe." We're talking about celebrity body surfing. We're going to show you. Heidi klum took that picture of heathe herself. I hate that. She doesn't look well. Those are miley's legs. Here's one for the ladies. Top model leantro. Hey! That's navel gazing. Who is that guy? They all posted themselves. Apparently. You have the p. Diddy. The king of tmi. Ú Announcer: Today on "the chew" -- make some noise -- for our "crunched" loudest show on earth spectacular. Sink your teeth into michael symon's crispy pretzel crusted cutlet. Or crunch-tacular buffalo chicken spring rolls, drenched in a bleu cheese dipping sauce, from jason roberts and daphne oz. And carla hall's breaking the sound barrier with a "chew" first -- crunchy potato chip cookies. So let's get loud, right now on "the chew." good afternoon, and welcome to "the chew." Hey america, are you ready to get loud? excellent. That is good, because it is crunch time. The next hour will be the loudest show on earth, as we Stacy london, d.L. Hughley. When I was growing up, you had to be asked a question before you could say something dumb. Now you can just be going to the bathroom, I think I'll let the world know. Generally, you have tweeted too much when the police show up at your house. Like if it sounds like a confession -- who was the one cat tweeting and got a ticket for a dui. Like, some people have no concept that what they're doing is not only stupid but illegal. When twitter hit, I was still at espn. And so, suddenly, as regimented as sports teams tried to be with athletes, all of a sudden, they were 140 characters away if mayhem. They can institute all the no tweeting policies. Then you have celebrities who don't have owners to answer to or bosses. I agree. In general, the internet has just opened up a can of worms. For the benefits of technology, this can be one of the kons. In a sense that there is no such thing at privacy really anymore. Two things to remember here. So many people are looking at it. And it never goes away. It's out there. No backsies. Delete doesn't do much. I think twit sir a great example. It's information so quickly distributed. Have you ever done snit. I'm a big tweeter. Have you ever oversheared and regretted it? Well, I mean, no, I usually show a shoe. That's the body part you're going to get from me on twitter. I did just tweet a picture of the mixens I had for my make your own ice cream sundae party. Wow, whoo, scandal. Yeah, I know. Chocolate sprinkles. Do you have examples? Absolutely I do. I wasn't a big weather to. Now it's so necessary. That's how you text me. I remember once I was in south carolina, columbia. I was watching -- an adult program. There are children here. Killing time. In church at the same time. I tweeted that, hey, I'm watching porno and the gospel at the same time. My wife called my mother. My mother said, what the hell is wrong with you? You think it's funny and -- that's the thing. I think people like -- I have watched people get in trouble like, like grown people getting in trouble. With your mother. Like, with their jobs for tweets. That's another issue. Twitter and facebook. A big hullabaloo about whether your employer can look at your facebook profile. They can. Guess what, guys. Assume they can. Always look ate. If you even think for a second that maybe you shouldn't send it -- you probably shouldn't. -- You probably shouldn't send it. Go with your first instinct. OR YOUR 27th. But your first instinct is to tweet. Ocho cinco is more famous for bei being a tweeter than an athlete. Do you think it helps the career? No. I think in the case of somebody like miley cyrus all about the pilates and losing weight, that is self-promotion for her. How do we feel about miley's head? Might have had a better hair cut? I think she was just being young. I don't think that's oversharing. 140 characters is too much for some people. Agreed.

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{"id":17004144,"title":"Oversharing on Social Media Sites","duration":"3:00","description":"D.L. Hughley and Stacy London debate how much is too much when sharing online.","url":"/GMA/video/gaa-toe-toe-oversharing-social-media-sites-17004144","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}