'GAA' Toe-to-Toe: Sharing Your Sexual Past With Your Beau

DL Hughley and Michelle Buteau discuss if it's smart to discuss sexual history with a loved one.
3:00 | 08/23/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'GAA' Toe-to-Toe: Sharing Your Sexual Past With Your Beau
We're king, should you tell your significant other -- no, we're not, she is. No, no. I mean, this is really a tricky one. Should you tell your significant other how many people that you've, um, known. We're going to go "toe to toe" on this, I don't know how we're doing it but we're going to try. We'll show you a clip from a recent movie "what's your number." How many relationships do i have to have before I meet the right guy. In america, a person who has been with 20 or more lovers -- that seems very high. No, it's low. Hey, let's get to the bottom of this hard-hitting topic. We're going to bring out like two of our very favorites. They are, as funny as each other. I don't know two better guests, d.R. Hughley. And michelle buteau. hey, look at you. Sit down, d.L. We drew straws before the game, and what do you guys think? I think michelle should start. Thank you. Well, here's the deal. I know a lot of women are saying, I want to know the number. I'm going say think like a man, ask like a woman. Guys, you should never ask a woman any of her number, her weight, her age, how many sexy time partners she's had. Sexy time partners. That sounds like a sleepy dream. Lady, why do you want to know how many people your man has been with. It's like opening pandora's box. And you did, a number of times. That's another nickname for it, and I've never -- why do you want to know? Might as well ask your man, do i look fat in this or is the waitress sexy? Because you're just going to go to couple's koungs lung. Men always say too many and the women say too low. And she say, he doesn't count. I should have counted him. If it's too low, you're nice, if it's too high you're nasty. As long as you don't have any weird from the waist down. If it's terrible sex, should it count? No. Men count women that almost did it to us. I could have had that. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, as long as people see that life is some sort of buff farks and you go around and you taste the dishes and you see what you like, and if you like what you like and you want second, then, boom, you've met your partner. How you doing? But at the buffet, you generally don't need eye tan by antibiotics afterwards. To your point -- do you want to know? I mean, do you want -- I do, I do. Does anybody really want to know? Do you really want to know? I think if you want to know, you're an insecure person and you want to start a fight. I'm a man, what else are you going to say? I think I would want to know, just to be nosey, and to see exactly what I can get away with. You doing it to me, damn it. I don't want to know my husband's number, the way I see it, he's done a lot of research, he sort of went through the quantity to find the quality. Thank you. that's beautiful. That is beautiful. Only a woman would say something -- and come up with something as dumb as that. That's dumb. He finally found one that he could stand, that's what happened. That's marriage. I can stand to look at for the next 40 years. It's quality take-away like that that keeps her coming back tore more. Let's take a look. We asked you at home, should you tell the numbers and the whomthy and that. I want to meet the whole 31% that say yes. I really do. You met one of them. He's sitting right here. You're a braver man than i. Hey, everybody, d.L., And michelle. Thank you so much. As usual, never a dull moment. if you happen to be down, by the way, north carolina for the democratic national convention, we can see you? Yeah. Why you say it like that? SEPTEMBER 4th. Be there. Thank you both very, very much.

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{"id":17066680,"title":"'GAA' Toe-to-Toe: Sharing Your Sexual Past With Your Beau","duration":"3:00","description":"DL Hughley and Michelle Buteau discuss if it's smart to discuss sexual history with a loved one.","url":"/GMA/video/gaa-toe-toe-sharing-past-sex-history-beau-17066680","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}