Gabe Watson on Murder Charges

Man charged with murdering his wife on honeymoon speaks with "GMA".
4:40 | 03/02/12

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Transcript for Gabe Watson on Murder Charges
-- had an exclusive interview with the man acquitted in the honeymoon murder trial judge dismissed all charges against Gabe Watson last week. -- there was no evidence that he meant to kill his wife on a honeymoon scuba dive in Australia. Tony Tony -- as Vargas covered the -- -- he's here now the interview and -- -- question pretty Smart. I did George Gabe Watson spent eight and a half years in the shadow of suspicion he was dubbed the honeymoon Keller by international press. After authorities on two continents accused -- of killing his wife Tina Thomas Watson. On their 2003 honey moon -- that Australia. He pled guilty to negligent manslaughter and spent eighteen months in prison in Australia. Only to be charged again in his home state of Alabama and just last week a surprising dismissal from the judge an end to Watson's murder trial. And the beginning Watson says in his first interview ever of what he hopes will be a new life. It is the followed 200326. Year old Gabe Watson is following Tina may Watson into the deep Coral Sea. Fifteen miles off the coast of Australia this is the honeymoon they had always dreamed up and then. She just kind of turned. -- looked at me. -- and does that back towards Hillary came from. Paso Del -- right hand she -- her left. Both started swimming that decision didn't turn back against the current would be a fatal one cannot just colder in and. Started heading back to the anchor of but I remember trying to -- you know swim swim taking -- swim all the sudden -- -- felt this whack across my face. And -- my mask. We got what turned off to the side -- my face. He says he let go with Tina to put his mask back on and a turnaround a book Ben -- who was was down down below. I don't know ten. Feet or so what was she doing. She was sinking. And face up. She was face and she had her arms and she was still lot of farms region and I just decided I -- you'll find somebody who. Have to ask you to question that so many people fast how could she leave her how could you leave her. I don't think I was making rational choices that the point. I don't know what I would've done had a stayed with -- I never knew the -- had not been in the ocean before. You didn't know she'd never been in the ocean bikini and change -- -- you know back to you ever ask her what where -- ocean -- go. Now I'm. Now enemies his -- there's never heard from. But authorities believed Watson -- -- hatched an elaborate plot to kill his wife under water making it appear to be an accident. Inability to collect on her life insurance. He had actually told her to pressure him. Group insurance to the -- on the war. The change the beneficiary from. It turns -- -- never made those changes and he'd never collected a -- But he wasn't the beneficiary Tina's father was the beneficiary that he didn't know so but why would Gabe Watson Mary Tina. Spend 101000 dollars to go to Australia. To killer for life insurance policy that he's even benefit from. When you're asking me to speculate I don't know what he would have done I'm telling you what prosecutors and the investigators believe us what you have seen it -- Last week as prosecutors wrapped in -- case against Gabe Watson judge Tommy nailed did something almost unprecedented. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Watson can never faced charges for Tina's death again. If you could say anything to Gabe Watson what would you say to him I guess I would just congratulate. -- Twice he got away why she didn't have to stand and face the charges he was that he was charged with. -- -- -- -- -- T feel angry now -- hundred who didn't they believed it for a half years and I just don't see. I don't think that think that returned. That motive is -- because prosecutors believe that this murder was premeditated. That while Gabe Watson was speeding his bride wedding cake he was planning to take her halfway around the world have been -- her. And even though George they can't prove that he knew whether or not he was the beneficiary and their allegation is that he thought he was. The fact of the matter is the amount of money he spent on the honeymoon on. The life insurance he put -- another doesn't make sense to me you know within the senate. -- thanks very much thank you.

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{"id":15832002,"title":"Gabe Watson on Murder Charges","duration":"4:40","description":"Man charged with murdering his wife on honeymoon speaks with \"GMA\".","url":"/GMA/video/gabe-watson-discusses-dismissed-murder-charges-15832002","section":"GMA","mediaType":"us only 08"}