Gabourey Sidibe opens up about weight-loss surgery

The Oscar-nominated actress is opening up about her new outlook on life and in her new memoir, "This Is Just My Face."
3:10 | 03/09/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Gabourey Sidibe opens up about weight-loss surgery
Major, major health news for gabourey sidibe. The "Precious" and "Empire" actress opening up about the weight loss surgery that transformed her life and a new memoir coming out. "This is just my face: Try not to stare." T.J., you have much more. You remember that role. She burst on to the scene in "Precious." That powerful role. She said this whole time she's been at war with her Weig. Essentially she's gotten this surgery and said the point was not to get skinny, she said she'be happy if she was just a little chubby. She stars in the smash hit TV show "Empire." Becky,ou look beautiful. Thank you. Reporter: And this morning actress gabourey sidibe is opening up releasing an excerpt to "People" magazine from her upcoming memoir "This is just my face, try not to stare" revealing her American experience as well as a lifelong struggle with depression and anxiety. I sometimes get so mad at my body. It feels like a tragedy sometimes. She quickly ascended into Hollywood elite after her 2009 role as precious. The New York City native tells "People" she's been bullied about her weight for years admits she's leaned on food as a source of comfort. If someone hurt my feelings by calling me fat an excellent way to stop feeling hurt was to eat ice cream. Her weight has been an issue since she was 6 when she first became aware she was considered overweight and that that might not be considered pretty. Reporter: She says she tried to shed the pounds naturally for over a decade but after being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes she decided to undergo laproscopic bariatric surgery. My surgeon said they'd cut my stomach in half limiting my hunger and capacity to eat and brain chem which would change and I'd want to eat healthier. My lifelong relationship with foodad to change. The many pieshs patients I've seen treated with it don't think of it as a one-stop shop but a tool to help them achieve successful weight loss and better health. Soon after the surgery she Ben seeing the difference. I did not get it to be beautiful. I did it so I can walk around comfortably in heels and want to do a cartel whewheel. She said the first red carpet she did after her surgery she looked at herself in the mirror when she was done with that and could see the changes in her face, physically, but also she could see her eyes just beaming because she felt so happy. Okay, and this was about ten months ago she had the surgery. She says she's now about at the ideal weight that she wants so people wonder, well, how much did she lose? She said, none of your business. She is not going to talk about weight. She's feeling better but doesn't want to put out there what her weight should be. She said that would be too much of a burden on her6 It's all so individual. It is. The "People" magazine is on stands I think this Friday. She is so lovely, so talented. Happy for her. "People" magazine on the newsstands.

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{"duration":"3:10","description":"The Oscar-nominated actress is opening up about her new outlook on life and in her new memoir, \"This Is Just My Face.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"46006223","title":"Gabourey Sidibe opens up about weight-loss surgery","url":"/GMA/video/gabourey-sidibe-opens-weight-loss-surgery-46006223"}