Gabrielle Giffords: Anniversary of a Tragedy

Mark and Gabby Giffords reflect on the events that changed their lives.
2:54 | 01/08/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Gabrielle Giffords: Anniversary of a Tragedy
A big day today in Tucson in this morning we are seeing the moment when Gabriel Giffords returned to the scene of the crime the place where she got shot in Tucson. Today's the one year anniversary of the Rampage that truly shocked this country. And we had a chance to speak with -- has -- On this one year anniversary of the shooting of congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. Her husband is tweeting out pictures of her first visit to this scene of the crime. The numbers tell part of the story one lunatic with a gun. Firing 31 rounds in six seconds leaving six people dead including a nine year old girl. But beyond the brutal math there is the on quantifiable. The love and loyalty of her astronaut husband. And the grit behind an astonishing recovery. What's the latest news what hurdles. Has she vaulted recently. Well sheet you know is continuing to -- continuing to improve each and every day. You don't hurdles for her as just you know how well she can speak of how low can you put sentences together -- questions as she asked. So that that's improving all the time but it really has been a grueling recovery we saw in Diane Sawyer is exclusive interview with -- just how hardy can -- For her to find the right words. She wants to get better better you want to get better back. -- -- -- -- Said anything to -- or done anything recently that truly -- you back on your heels and said wow I can't believe how far she's now. Well you know just the other day she started asking me a few questions in a row you know. Back in April she march or April she hadn't asked a single question about anything but there's been so much frustration as well. Watch in these home videos as she struggles to learn words she knew so well before. Yeah. And there is some frustration that continues today she gets disappointed. You know it's it's it's a natural thing when you're struggling with this kind of injury in this kind of disability that she's working really hard. -- -- recover from and today something that we never thought possible on that -- one year ago that Representative Giffords who many people thought would not survive. May run for congress yet again. And she will decide in the coming months and today by the -- -- will attend a memorial service in Tucson where they will ring bells at the exact moment. The shooting began.

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{"id":15315859,"title":"Gabrielle Giffords: Anniversary of a Tragedy","duration":"2:54","description":"Mark and Gabby Giffords reflect on the events that changed their lives. ","url":"/GMA/video/gabrielle-giffords-anniversary-tragedy-15315859","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}