Gabrielle Giffords Shares Her Story

Diane Sawyer discusses her special about Giffords and husband Mark Kelly.
4:29 | 11/14/11

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Transcript for Gabrielle Giffords Shares Her Story
Turn now to a preview of Diane Sawyer is exclusive interview with Arizona congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and her husband mark Kelly. Gabby of course was shot in the head in January by gunmen and she has been making a remarkable recovery. The couple tell the story and inspiring new book it's called Gabby a story of courage and hope and our dear friend Diane is -- him as a sneak -- could they also called a love story it is a love story that two of them -- what he does when no one thinks. For sure she can surface he just throws a rope but he is pulling her out and she is willing her way through -- And if you just see the tape to go from this. Which was her. After the injury when no one -- she could talk to the moment we sit down with her and take a look at the way she has changed again this is such a story -- -- -- -- either Arab or the Internet. I think she has a probably some diamond -- does that mean my adult standing out as always where he. And you weren't sure she was going to be able to speak with -- into -- you know and when you look at the brain -- -- -- tonight the shattered skull with bullet that would just wait. Through her entire brain length of her brain no doctor could say. That's for sure either -- -- she hasn't and doubles will optimism and you're going to get to see it because he videotaped. This her husband videotaped evidence is it. She's gonna recover and asking what happened I know she will recover from failure is not an option. And here when they didn't think she could speak. We're. -- And make no mistake. It is so. Exhausted she -- she knows something is profoundly wrong and there are tears she. Shattered at one point. She says her husband beaten and beaten uses no speed up from but you are not beaten. And eventually of course she's able with the help of someone to move that -- that won't move and then -- -- see her walk to and music playing center to -- world -- -- She sings and we've learned a lot about the way music can rebuild pathways in the brain -- -- to see her arrive in singing girl's one half hour hike down look at. What we have been quick remains and we use that word too often but we are simply been amazed that there. Recovery and as always there's a lesson here then how she's been able to do this. There is a lesson and never giving up there's a lesson when her husband the astronaut shuttle commander says it is in the and space program we say the sky is not the limits. -- this guy is not the limit and as you said it's a love story. And he sent her a message when he flew the valedictory mission he showing the right stuff. In the skies and she and her -- and this was his -- The first words you -- have Bahrain. Kuwait think U. I think it wanted to -- -- two. Brave and tough. And she looks at me it's as tough as nails when she used to both of them yet really -- and so what's next for her. She's gonna talk to us about what she thinks she has to do to return to congress and the -- weeks we've talked to -- her recovery can go on for years and years and years in fact. But there was sent word to -- Where you see what she's done in the two weeks -- tour with her. You won't believe it -- so he Shean. According to everybody around her can make her own decision about returning to congress and we ask for what you plants -- after seeing this there's no doubt. This will be able to do that and so much more. Thank you Diane thank you very much and you can see all of it tonight that the special edition of point one in Diane Sawyer exclusive Gabby and mark. Courage and hope 10:9 central right here. On CBC.

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{"id":14947000,"title":"Gabrielle Giffords Shares Her Story","duration":"4:29","description":"Diane Sawyer discusses her special about Giffords and husband Mark Kelly.","url":"/GMA/video/gabrielle-giffords-interview-arizona-shooting-preview-14947000","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}