Gabrielle Giffords Tells Her Story

Congresswomen's new book details her life since the shooting.
2:44 | 11/05/11

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Transcript for Gabrielle Giffords Tells Her Story
Turning to other news congresswoman -- real Giffords is back in Houston after completing two weeks of intensive therapy in North Carolina. And for the first time we're hearing from Giffords and her own words about just how tough -- recovery has -- In a new -- we learned just how much she remembers from that fateful day when she was shocked Ron Claiborne is here with details -- that good morning want. They're joining -- -- and the book is called dad be a story of courage and hope. Most of it was written by -- husband astronaut mark Kelly. But -- a bit by Giffords herself but chronicles the Arizona congressman's long difficult and emotional recovery after being shot in the head nearly a year ago. The book mark Kelly says that for months it was kept from Gabby Giffords. That six people were killed in the shooting Rampage in Tucson including one -- for aids a friend it was a federal judge. And Christina Taylor Green a nine year old girl she had never met. Finally last June Giffords asked her husband and he told her. Kelly says she became distraught and had difficulty getting to were physical therapy that day. That night as he held her in his arms she wept just a week after the shooting mark Kelly spoke to Diane Sawyer. Do you ever. Worry wonder. If she saw him. If she saw him and -- That's done you know from what her neurosurgeons in the neurologist told me even if she did strumming and remember. But she did see it and did remember when he asked her in March what she remembered she uttered three words -- Shocked scary in the book Kelley describes his shock when he first saw was -- in the hospital. -- says one of the worst moments was in rehab which she realized she couldn't speak her eyes widened in panic. And she began to sob uncontrollably but this courageous woman did learn to talk again in part -- reciting the US constitution. And Martin Luther King's I have a dream speech. Welcome back our wonderful colleague congresswoman -- here -- last August she stunned the world with a surprise appearance on the floor of the House of Representatives. The -- on the debt ceiling legislation. But -- mark Kelly writes the book with a book it is Giffords who -- the last chapter entitled daddy's voice. A single pay each of three sentences and phrases she vows to try to get back to work writing. I will get stronger I will return. And from the book we also learned that the time of the tragic shooting back in January the couple was trying to have a baby. And Giffords had undergone several rounds of fertility treatment -- are also some lighter moments recount and among them -- givers were shown a photo Arnold Schwarzenegger she quipped. Messing around. Babies and cannot following the news.

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{"id":14887388,"title":"Gabrielle Giffords Tells Her Story","duration":"2:44","description":"Congresswomen's new book details her life since the shooting. ","url":"/GMA/video/gabrielle-giffords-tells-story-14887388","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}