Gadhafi Dead: Arab Spring Domino Effect Resumes?

Christiane Amanpour discusses the death of the Libyan dictator.
2:13 | 10/21/11

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Transcript for Gadhafi Dead: Arab Spring Domino Effect Resumes?
Before He went into hiding Gadhafi told. Our Christiane Amanpour He would never leave Bolivia and in the end He did not -- not far from where He was born. In the country He ruled his entire adult life and Christiane -- this week. Is with us now it's. Difficult to see that that graphic video like that were you surprised if he's able to hide out as long as He did and that it went out like that. Not really because He did say He wasn't believed that He wasn't so good and you know some people thought He might be but obviously He might be in the desert somewhat. One of his henchmen into viewed as He was captured -- He went -- I'll as the rebels took Tripoli in August He went to senate and stayed in various apartments of his friends and loyalists that. This man says He was anxious that He wasn't afraid and in that video you can -- he's not actually struggling back he's just wiping the -- he's trying to say don't kill me. But he's he's -- fighting -- he's done. The burial was at first they said because of the former customs to -- today another delaying it wouldn't make up well. They say it's because they haven't found -- location but I think particularly oldies videos and showing him out that. People have to know that he's dead order of the -- that they have to know that he's dead somebody explain to me He is. Penetrated every corner of every Libyans life for the last four decades and it's they see for themselves -- he's gone. They won't believe it's I think that's positive -- to trying to find the right place in the right circumstances -- -- -- that we'll be disturbed like that was kind of situation as -- we see here you talk to his son -- And not too long ago. A lot of uncertainty where He as He is considered the heir apparent. Correct one of the episodes was killed within won't -- it was a national security advisor safe we don't we -- close -- -- Reports He was captured or injured or even killed now people are not confirming that so sums that you may have been wounded He may be kept who we still don't know the other -- and he'd -- the he's in new jail in Africa and neighboring and He said to be in -- he's -- -- house arrest -- I know you're gonna have much more to talk about Sunday. This obviously executive who -- to -- and what it means for the for the for the US and that part of the world now people want to know that yet thanks for coming and thank you.

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{"id":14785349,"title":"Gadhafi Dead: Arab Spring Domino Effect Resumes?","duration":"2:13","description":"Christiane Amanpour discusses the death of the Libyan dictator.","url":"/GMA/video/gadhafi-dead-arab-spring-domino-effect-resumes-14785349","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}