Gary Giordano: The $1.5M Insurance Policy

Suspect in Robyn Gardner's disappearance reveals why he bought travel insurance.
3:37 | 12/01/11

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Transcript for Gary Giordano: The $1.5M Insurance Policy
Why would you take out that kind of travel insurance on and on a companion somebody that you had. You know for a couple years but it is basically with a casual relationship while if you just if you go to the website is still -- you can go anybody can go one there. It's not purchased in many times before. Its cancellation insurance -- -- insurance and the first thing its cancellation insurance when you click that button you have to enter the names if we were traveling free of I -- Typing the three -- more disturbing. We're just turn it. But then when you go -- down and click the medical. And then the emergency dental. And -- -- accident insurance. When you select those if -- put three names up there all three are covered you can't on select anybody. So why have children I have a house took up their large house and in a lot of payment and amplify it by -- -- and I disappear I want them to be covered. Okay so I maxed out on everything medical everywhere the 150000. Or whatever and but that's automatic I can't fund select Robin. We -- and when it came down to the jacksons are you can't fund selector. For tank so when I selected adults looking for me than -- she got the same -- So. That's a good explanation of -- there are people who who take -- a type of insurance. She's missing and two days later you're inquiring about you not trying to -- what are -- -- mature inquiring as I would -- -- and she still miss it it's exactly right to consider. And that's a wonderful question -- understand that might -- At the time. NASA -- the -- here Michael Lopez okay. She had he told me -- you need to call insurance immediately because. -- -- helicopters and scuba divers that we're gonna -- and Amare which they didn't go away and two days later. He said they might -- reports they might be sending you. You know charging for this disease -- civilians. He's -- you need to call your insurance company let them -- and asked them specifically how do you -- within these expenses that might be coming. And let me jump in here because I think there's something important that people should. No. -- I got involved. I was not welcome. By mr. -- presence in fact I found it very that I was of them offering the family had hired me I was offering my help. And he was very standoffish with me and what I do -- who ended up learning later on is that he had a significant. Conflict of interest. What he ended up doing was this not only was. He's seeing dollar signs by the insurance he is a personal injury -- In fact he tried to get Gary to signing a retainer agreement where he would be getting 13. Of the insurance money and that's how this whole -- business got started so he. Comes into play there there are some people that would argue that -- still if somebody tells they do that. And in my my companion as -- I don't know I would disagree with -- -- if you're a foreign country and you don't know how things operate there. And trust me when -- statement and a completely different land where the language is different cultures different the way that your rights are different. You're gonna follow what you think. He is sound advice and if -- lawyers telling you something I don't think anyone. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There is a Holland handbook for travelers -- -- Holland handbook for travelers that tells you what to do in case of a missing person. The first thing assistance call authorities the second thing it says is call your insurance company -- -- it is produced by the Holland Dutch government think tank. So my -- It was guiding me through that I'd imagine what it's written it's in print and and you say how to people what did you do that. The government itself says that's what you should do.

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{"duration":"3:37","description":"Suspect in Robyn Gardner's disappearance reveals why he bought travel insurance.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15063434","title":"Gary Giordano: The $1.5M Insurance Policy","url":"/GMA/video/gary-giordano-discusses-travel-insurance-policy-15063434"}