Gary Giordano Free: Four Big Questions

Matt Gutman on the release of the main suspect in Robyn Gardner's disappearance.
3:07 | 12/01/11

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Transcript for Gary Giordano Free: Four Big Questions
BBC's Matt -- has the latest on the case at this emotional. -- and even covering the story from the very beginning that could happen here thanks to being a rather good morning. Well prosecutors had -- last chance yesterday to charged you're done with more with murder in order to extradite him back to Ruble we now know that they had that dramatic moment. In the airport with your -- when he heard the that appeals court would not try to bring them back. Here it is. This is the moment Gary you've done it was freedom became official to -- -- has become. Of those -- in prison. Back on American soil after 116. Days of detention emotion and really. Except for the fact that we're gonna. -- -- Hours later he did see his children planting long delayed case is three sons holding on to the man who even a week ago seem destined. He charged in the disappearance of Robyn Gardner. Now -- -- High Court ruled against prosecutors. Experts say it is extremely unlikely he could be extradited or innocence of -- But while you're -- may be free from incarceration. Flooding in New York overnight to a crush of paparazzi. It became clear he's not. -- -- -- War -- questions. Chief among them what happened on August 2. You're -- story has been -- but always consistent. He says Carter caught her food on -- drops of blood were found at the scene says garner disappeared around 6 PM while snorkeling storm kicked up. He -- for his life when he looks back. He says she was. -- we know that that day there was virtually no wind there were no waves and the current gross. Practically -- The next manager Donna was seen on this surveillance tape. Looking for help investigators say he like the type of urgency expected of a man who just lost his lover. -- maintains he was simply exhausted from swimming. And how much had -- been drinking the day she vanished. Sources tell ABC news -- seemed woozy at this restaurant -- Donald told police they were drinking. But not drunk. And the question prosecutors focused on -- Why did Giordano purchased a one point five million dollar travel insurance policy for Gardner the day before they travel to a robot. Why was he being the beneficiary. Two days after Gardner disappeared after Donald called to inquire about that policy on the advice of his attorney. But -- -- one represented if he spoke to tell police he quote sounded excited. Like he was about to win something. Now investigators admitted all along that they don't have any hard evidence and Gary Q -- what they do have. Is a mountain of circumstantial evidence. And all the -- for them may be closed for now they're not giving up -- say they are going to continue to try to pursue this including asking the tough questions things like. Why did mr. Giordano act strangely -- suspiciously at the airport. Before leaving for --

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{"duration":"3:07","description":"Matt Gutman on the release of the main suspect in Robyn Gardner's disappearance.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15063408","title":"Gary Giordano Free: Four Big Questions","url":"/GMA/video/gary-giordano-free-big-questions-robyn-gardner-dissapearance-aruba-15063408"}