Gary Giordano Interview: What Happened in Aruba?

Robin Roberts talks to the only suspect in the disappearance of Robyn Gardner.
11:45 | 12/01/11

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Transcript for Gary Giordano Interview: What Happened in Aruba?
Joining us now live -- -- him down along with his attorney. Jose Baez you don't think you first of all. For your willingness to to come in here -- know your sons are behind you wouldn't you've been with them since. Last night -- and reunited with -- and this is an opportunity just to took to ask you some questions that people have had because it. Some things don't add up in their minds so let's start from the beginning one happened August 2 that day with Robyn Gardner. Well -- I've been interviewed. For four months. Taken back and forth. To my prison cell in prison. Where news. The murderers and all the the worst people in Aruba. And I've been interviewed and interrogated. By the the best Dutch investigators I've answered that question. 5060 times. I'm not prepared to at this point go from that moment of that day today and today -- -- just not gonna do that. Law answer specific questions you have but I'm not gonna sit here and answer something -- answered repeatedly. The -- -- the questions about that there will have a -- but don't -- people were asking what that day there are many accounts that you'll had been drinking heavily. I've never heard death. Pfc from here it's been -- and incarcerated move on and hasn't had the benefit. The media onslaught that has been. Brought forth against him. And you know just to sit here and listen to. -- piece where. He mentions that there's a mountain of circumstantial evidence does -- -- nothing. Not even a mound of sand. As it relates to any type of crime. That was committed unfortunately. Robyn has disappeared. She disappeared in the water. If judges are not in the business of releasing people. Especially with the mountains of circumstantial evidence against them and the appellate court even upheld that self. You know what's any woman with some people who take this isn't my answer to differ with that and saying being the circumstantial -- mean. To say that you're in the water that they what was the condition of of of the -- that day when your wallet snorkeling. Well I realized -- this -- did the drinking thing I knew there was the videos. I was at the rum runner OK we didn't order drinks we were drinking heavily she was walking I was walking we were a -- couple -- kind. As for announces -- myself -- find -- the hard questions I understand. Our. She took -- to a remote location. We were 100 yards from a scuba diving. Store -- tanks in the back we -- hundred yards from us who were diving -- not a remote location okay. We were in view of other people BBB -- -- so let's clear that -- -- leaving the island. Okay me escaping from the island or how they put it I went down to is just extremely -- and it puts a minute I met with a Robin's mother. At 8 o'clock -- that morning. And met with the ambassador the US. And that embassy representative ice that I would stay here -- -- mother walked you know we needed me. When we met with her she said Gary you should. You should go home on my cousins coming in chairman support his mother told him yes in front of the US and -- for investors. And then her name was when he and I asked her should -- -- in front -- -- you suggest you should go on -- already scheduled flight -- getting. -- new ground -- then I left there went down with my attorney. Government attorney to another interview I -- interviewed me again at the end of the interview that -- -- into the fourth interview as a witness. We told them I'm leaving we talked to -- told what happened in the morning. And and we were leaving they gave me my camera back to do in my eyes snorkel and mask back and -- -- we are not keeping him here. -- -- -- -- So -- went to the hotel I checked out I went to the airport. And I approached the desk and the lady said oh by the way Charlotte airport is closing because of a powerful storm that went north of the island. But -- -- plane leaving now. And she asked you about your traveling companion Robin Wright and you said she's taking another -- did not know don't you didn't tell myself that I don't know exactly what I said okay. But. I didn't -- ago when I didn't wanna say is. I don't wanna get into a long conversation about what's going on she's a ticket agent. And she said she's review and I justice is not with me I don't know exactly what I said. And then she said you have to go now and there -- announcing on the PA system this plane is leaving so I'm running in and -- -- airport. I go through customs full -- check in my -- and the gate is opened. And then the head of detective walks up to me and says were -- -- for the murderer Robert -- Before all this happened right after. What you said that she was swept out to see there is surveillance video view. This is supposed to be right after you've got on the ocean and you can see right here. Viewed you don't seem to you know you're casually just knocking on doors that doesn't seem like you've been in the ocean and completely neither dry there what -- you explained. Or -- Carolina correct this holding correctly you can see I'm dry there how could you -- and dry there there is over fifty pictures of me. After this film there's pictures of human they all came down I'm wet and I'm -- -- This video here yes yes. The case so when I came out of the water -- was -- I was -- I had my tennis shoes on. When we went in the water and when it came back I was swimming back. It was exhausted when I got back to to shore and then I had a run all the way around here was the thing. It's like running a marathon and you come around the last corner and you're expecting a whole crew people yelling for you -- there's nobody there. You're not gonna go hyped by the air went around there before there was people there there's nobody there there's not one person apartment on those -- storm doors. The vapid it was where she went -- there they had closed the doors they're gone. The -- shop is closed there isn't a single car in the parking lot so I'm screaming in the air. Let me most people here it would. Wouldn't they feel -- they -- react. If you're you're -- let me I know but if you're out swimming it is political it is I -- that -- would feel a little more excited about trying to get her help. There's nobody there would -- -- so school into the air and then when she returned who. I heard people talking around the site where were your -- park. And I went over and asked for help I told them to called emerge to get I didn't know it was nine when wanted to prove I don't know the number they call. I'm not some reports saying that I called 91 -- -- calm voice I never smoked and I went -- never the woman did. Can you understand how some people who want to know they view us as Jose said you haven't been following this because you've been in jail. But that the people who have been following it extensively and yes some things are not going to be quite correct but when you stack up. -- the life insurance which we haven't. Even talked about on the -- let's talk about it why would you take out that kind of travel insurance on -- on a companion somebody that you had. You know for a couple years but it was basically with a casual relationship while if you Snooki. Go to the website is still alive you can go anybody can go one there it's not purchased -- many times before. Its cancellation insurance and travel insurance in the first thing -- cancellation insurance when you click that button you have to enter the names if we were traveling free of us I could. Type in the three -- more disturbing. -- -- -- -- But don't go -- down and click the medical. And then emergency dental. And -- accident insurance. When you select those if -- put three names up there all three are covered you can't on select anybody. So I have children I have a house of that there large house and in a lot of payment and can amplify it by -- -- and I disappear I want them to be covered. Okay so I maxed out on everything medical everywhere the 150000. Or whatever and but that's automatic I can't -- select Robin. We thank and we came down to the -- -- you can't fund selector. And thanks so when I selected -- I -- looking for me then that she got the same thing. So that's a good explanation of endeavor there are people who who take out that type of insurance. She's missing and two days later you're inquiring about you not trying to put what are such a mature inquiring why wouldn't you got -- she still -- it's exactly right to consider. And that's a wonderful question I understand that might -- At the time. NASA at -- here Michael Lopez okay. She had he told me -- you need to call insurance immediately because. -- -- helicopters and scuba divers that we're gonna going to -- -- they didn't go away and two days later. He said they might -- -- they might be sending you. You know charging for this disease -- civilians. He -- you need to call your insurance company and let them -- and asked them specifically how do you deal within these expenses that might be coming. And let me jump in here because I think there's something important that people should. -- -- I got involved. I was not welcome. By mr. -- presence in fact I found it very that I was of offering the family had hired me I was offering my help. And he was very standoffish with me and what I can -- -- ended up learning later on is that he had a significant. Conflict of interest. What he ended up doing was not only was. He's seeing dollar signs by the insurance he is a personal injury lawyer. In fact you try to get -- to sign a retainer agreement where he would be getting 13. Of the insurance money and that's how this whole claim business got. Start so he comes into play there there are some people that would argue that -- still if somebody tells they do that. And it -- my companion as miss I. I don't know I would disagree with the use -- -- and a foreign country and you don't know how things operate there. And trust me when you're sitting in a completely different land for the language is different cultures different the way that your rights are different you're gonna follow what you think. Is sound advice and if -- lawyers telling you something I don't think anyone. What argument would follow him unavailable Olbermann or important piece -- I'm here to do you know sure. There is a Holland handbook for travelers -- -- Holland handbook for travelers. It tells you what to do in case of a missing person. The first thing it -- is called authorities the second thing it says its call your insurance company the -- -- is produced by the Holland Dutch government think tank. So my lawyer who was guiding me through that I'd imagine what it's written it's in print and and you say how to people what did you do that. The government itself says that's what you should -- But the big question. On everyone's mind here and you know this. They want to know. If you had anything to do absolutely not absolutely not in my mind pillars of smoke are purely military solution that I cared about OK -- companion -- -- telling him you were you. That -- you know have -- has disappeared on my watch. That's bad if you will weigh heavily on me for a very long time which you don't know about a Rubin is a rumor has two main sources of income and it's not. Tourism it's cocaine. In human trafficking and where we work it takes a half hour drive a vote to -- Venezuela. And right where we were -- find out that's really drop off YouTube video -- -- to -- done anything differently. Absolutely. That's a silly question I mean that's really of course there's a missing person -- I do something different now wouldn't it -- -- McConnell. I would've laughter and I mean -- different ring a bell you know. Gary thank you grew up and say thank you thank you appreciate -- very much.

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{"duration":"11:45","description":"Robin Roberts talks to the only suspect in the disappearance of Robyn Gardner.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15063287","title":"Gary Giordano Interview: What Happened in Aruba?","url":"/GMA/video/gary-giordano-interview-happened-robyn-garnder-aruba-15063287"}