Gary Giordano Set to be Released

Suspect in the Robyn Gardner mystery, set to be released from Aruban Authorities
3:10 | 11/26/11

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Transcript for Gary Giordano Set to be Released
In -- -- where the American men under a cloud of suspicion for the disappearance of his traveling companion Robyn Gardner may be about to walk free. Prosecutors are appealing the judge's decision but it looks like Gary Giordano could be a free manages days. ABC's Matt -- who has been covering this case since it broke has more now from Miami hey Matt good morning. Hey good morning to -- -- It was a tremendous blow for -- authorities since the day or two after Robyn Gardner went missing their entire case has -- on one person Gary Giordano. And -- -- his story remained vague. The judge finally gave -- -- about -- today the benefit of the doubt. And -- well. I see no reason to -- -- O'Donnell and defense and doing the rest of the investigation. It's a stunning turnaround. After a 111. Days of detention. -- -- judge ruled there was insufficient evidence to keep your -- locked up without charges for another thirty days. During the proceedings Giordano -- a personal plea. -- -- explained wants more to the jobs that he has been sitting here for months. As an innocent person. And then he -- according to his attorney overcome that after four months in prison if someone was willing to hear -- side. All along your -- has maintained his companion Robyn Gardner also from Maryland who disappeared while they were snorkeling on this beach but on the second. Just two hours earlier the couple was seen smiling at this bar and the day before that party as seen in this exclusive photo. Gardner seemed to vanish without a Trace still -- Rubin investigators tell GMA they'll keep pursuing your -- We will continue the investigation. Mr. Duval will remain only a suspect. Noting that a lack of evidence does not mean innocence. -- -- legal problems. Aren't -- -- he faces a possible grand jury indictment in Maryland. And continued scrutiny it could potentially help them. I always want to keep people on the street assuming there's no safety issues because of -- it will make mistakes they'll make telephone calls will send emails they'll talk to a friend. Much more difficult for them to do that in jail. Dan and there is a chance that appeals court you mentioned earlier could convene before Tuesday and decide to keep your downhill on the island for another thirty days. Sport that investigators finally find that. Piece of key hard evidence that has eluded them of murder weapon a body and decide to try to extradite him what's he gets home to Maryland. Stressful hours for the prosecutors Matt let me ask you about his grand jury indictment in Maryland you mentioned -- any sense of what the charges would be. Well it's it's sealed for now but we have a sensitive prob we will have something to do with insurance fraud. Like investigators in -- the FBI found that. That one point five million dollar travel insurance policy that -- -- took out on Robin naming himself the beneficiary. Very very suspicious.

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{"id":15032067,"title":"Gary Giordano Set to be Released","duration":"3:10","description":"Suspect in the Robyn Gardner mystery, set to be released from Aruban Authorities","url":"/GMA/video/gary-giordano-set-released-15032067","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}