Gary Giordano Takes On Critics

Suspect in Robyn Gardner disappearance tells his side of the story.
9:33 | 12/04/11

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Transcript for Gary Giordano Takes On Critics
Gary Giordano his appearance on our -- after he was released from prison in Aruba provoked a lot of debate and also an emotional response from Robyn Gardner's boyfriend. Just a moment -- speak live with Gary Giordano and his -- but first. Let's take a look at how this story has been unfolding over the past few days. Including that I cared about this if you weigh heavily on me for a very long time. While Gary Giordano he's now out of jail and out in public telling his side of this. Preparing his comments seem to be raising as many questions as there answering especially with people close to Robyn Gardner doesn't seem to be too. Fourth forthcoming in with the story Robert Forester was Robyn Gardner's boyfriend he spoke to George Stephanopoulos Friday live on Good Morning America what's the big question you want to -- -- -- -- -- where she you know your last one this year where large ago. His other questions. Why was Robin who hated his swim snorkeling with Gary Giordano that day she disappeared Giordano has always said she was -- out -- While he frantically swam to shore. Everybody does no no she's not gonna go into the water. Whether it's her hair her make up getting messed up whether it's 5 o'clock in the afternoon. That doesn't matter Forrester also questioned Giordano seeming lack of emotion in his lengthy interview on GMA you're not only said Robbins named once and then there was this response -- -- does assertion that perhaps Robin fell into the hands of human traffickers which he -- are active in Aruba. Which is only fifteen miles away from Venezuela. Forrester thinks that is actually plausible but that Giordano may have had a hand in it. You know he did mention that. The human trafficking is part of a room is revenue and he is right he's right. She -- some units sold her I think it's -- Optional Giordano is -- turning to his life in Maryland spending time with his three children after a 116 days in jail. But he may never be free. Of suspicion and believe that he being the last person to see -- -- -- -- is responsible. So let's go straight -- to Miami and Gary Giordano alongside his attorney Jose Baez gentlemen good morning to both -- you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What happened. To Robyn Gardner in those final moments I know you say they've discussed this with police many times but here you are publicly and I want to give you an opportunity. To discuss it with us and answer the questions for her family who still has a lot of questions -- take us to those final moments. Off the coast of Aruba. What happened. Yes we both entered the water. And as I've mentioned. I think in the last interview in several different interviews interrogations that. At some points. I became distressed found out -- -- I had a problem coming back to shore. And Robin was I -- behind me. And she wasn't. And I turned did not see -- and I went for help. Now you have said that that a storm. Came in at this moment and that's what puts you in -- -- in distress we didn't say just now -- you have said that in the past is that. I have. Now I know I've never said there was a storm what I have said it is later on and the next day. I noticed on the news that there was a tropical storm north of the islands in which was causing the wind. To become windy one moment and -- the next moment. So there was no storm no freak storm that came up and -- -- -- to the ocean. That was -- -- some other reporter had mentioned that. As the statement before question. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And for some reason you've got to stress and decided you needed to head back to assure you turned around now he was gone. At some point. He was time to come back here because I noticed that we are getting people water. So -- -- signal to -- to turn -- come -- I turned around and came in and then I had a problem. -- -- -- -- Thought she was distrust because I was wearing you know she's on my feet -- -- sort of -- -- so. I came back and I turned and I could not couldn't find. And that was it -- that was the last time these are you have no idea what would have happened you're out in the water why's she all of a sudden somebody who would basing your story appears to have been able to swim. Would have just disappeared. It's -- a you have suggested in your interview on GMA on Thursday morning brought the possibility that perhaps human traffickers. We're involved so walk me through how that would work. Boat full of fuel I I don't know how to pull up and take her out of the water and you wouldn't notice. I don't know how that would work. Then why did you bring it up. While I was in prison. You're talking to several prisoners and they had told me that. Some people that live some of -- -- familiar to. To the island and mentioned -- that location is very dangerous currents and so on and also mentioned. Votes come from Venezuela -- -- half -- away boat ride and they drop off the illegals and makes winning the -- the rest of the way again. And they had mentioned several of them don't make this make sure because it is dangerous there. So that's the knowledge. And also the detectives -- -- interviewed insulin you mentioned they had. There was a boat out there I didn't you vote they had mentioned was -- there and they were investigating that as well. Although for -- have told us that that this story about human traffickers is one that they do not find. Credible -- let me ask you let me -- it is -- -- you -- father of three I understand you love your -- very much you're very protective of them. If -- if one of your children. Heaven for fend witnessing. And that the last person to see them alive was telling the type of story that you -- talent would you buy it. You know I think that's a silly question and we're not gonna get into scenarios with with. Gary's children. -- if you can leave the children out of this we would really appreciate it all right let me leave the children -- -- areas in some areas and -- carrying -- on -- Gary and Linda I think I'm sorry you can't I was there earlier talent. I'm sorry I was just talking I didn't hear a word he said I'm asking what I was saying his client privileges if if if somebody he -- went missing. Would -- buy the type of story. That he is now town. Well I don't think last -- I don't as they did it their loved -- alive. Well this is -- -- story and and no we're not asking for people to buy it. -- come forward helpful told what happened that day. And basically. There has been absolutely nothing presented that contradicts. That version of what happened that day so. You know judges and appellate courts are not in the business of letting people free. Who have evidence of guilt against them especially in a country that resumes. Guilt and holds you without bail. -- and can do so without charging so. They. Exhausted every resource possible on the island of Aruba and the United States and Holland. And found zero evidence that implicates Gary there's plenty of fodder going on -- any of -- nonsense and stories like you like the call them. But there's absolutely nothing that indicates that Gary is guilty of anything he's on the stand up thing come forward immediately. To clear his name. And you know I don't know what more an innocent person. -- a lot of people of questions. Your seeming lack of emotion here. You only -- Robyn Gardner's name once in your interview on GMA on Thursday -- reverend Roberts. Are you emotional about this and how do you explain what seems to be a reasonably flat aspect. I believe I was emotional several times during. Interview in your own defense but not when it comes to Robyn Gardner who is somebody you were apparently quite close with and is now missing. I don't know how to answer no he's asking direct questions about my relationship -- robbing and doing this or that nobody's ever body of and I'm not quite sure how -- and -- -- Mary Robinson Pearson satisfied. I do -- -- and I personally feel like. In -- again it's for me that's how if you in my mind that. I just haven't come to grouse -- she's gone. This -- I was released from prison four days ago. Being there for four months. It's. It's typical. Very good. Gary Giordano -- appearing live on GMA this morning thank you very -- time also Jose buys by as his attorney alongside him. Thank you both once again.

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{"duration":"9:33","description":"Suspect in Robyn Gardner disappearance tells his side of the story. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15082306","title":"Gary Giordano Takes On Critics","url":"/GMA/video/gary-giordano-takes-critics-15082306"}