Gas Prices Cause Outrage Coast to Coast

As prices soar, reports are coming in of people stealing "liquid gold."
2:39 | 02/25/12

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Transcript for Gas Prices Cause Outrage Coast to Coast
Soaring gasoline prices fueling anger and outrage from coast to coast. The national average pushing four dollars a gallon that's the most expensive it has ever been this time of year. And price is already higher than that in many places and expected to continue to -- Gas has become like liquid gold for some desperate drivers who are going all out to get -- even stealing it. ABC's mark bring but -- at a gas station in Manhattan with more good morning mark. Good morning the -- -- most bank robberies often involve guns masks and confrontations these days. But now the most sophisticated gas station -- can often go off leaving the retailer high and dry. And the station doesn't have a -- With gas prices this high. You might feel like your -- broad. But police say this week near Tampa Bay Florida -- those -- But this is on the upswing again and not just here but across the school. Thieves came to this BP station to pull off a sophisticated heist -- out of ocean's eleven. You're looking at a crime scenes the weapon not a gun but this minivans and -- -- not gold but gasoline. The -- and parks over the underground storage tanks. Then -- -- in trap door opens up and -- drop a line down. So they can pump up the gas and story right in their own tanks hidden in the van. Retailers say when prices spike Brooks try to turn gas -- -- cash like when this is jerseys and -- away with out pain. -- convenience store clerk with them we're seeing an evolution in how gases stole or just two weeks ago and Oklahoma City. Police say they cut him. Man siphoning gas from a -- truck. He tries to -- if you. And all across the country reports of siphoning gas from stations are parked cars are ordering it. Just like what happened in 2000 -- -- was Miami when gas prices peaked the driver opens his door to block the view and passenger unlocks the pump. With a stolen -- The pumps flow while a Ferdinand goes to distract the cashier their crimes of opportunity. Declined for a while along with gas prices both now on the rise again. Now -- small town in Minnesota coon rapids is fighting back passing a law requiring residents there to actually pay before they go to the -- But what can you do at home -- one idea is to buy one of these locking gas caps for about fifteen bucks if a thief comes to try to siphon up your gas -- your -- They don't have a -- It probably aren't gonna get tear gas.

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{"id":15789435,"title":"Gas Prices Cause Outrage Coast to Coast","duration":"2:39","description":"As prices soar, reports are coming in of people stealing \"liquid gold.\"","url":"/GMA/video/gas-prices-outrage-coast-coast-15789435","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}